Protect communication against epidemic!Xinzhou mobile launched ten convenient measures

2022-06-28 0 By

This article is transferred from: Xinzhou Daily Recently, Xinzhou district has newly confirmed COVID-19 cases, and the prevention and control situation is increasingly grim.In order to ensure communication services during the epidemic, Xinzhou mobile special launched ten convenient measures to meet the needs of the people to stay at home for business!If you are a medical worker, we have set up a green channel, which can provide all medical workers with non-stop service. Volunteers can provide emergency return service.Whitelist service is provided for all epidemic prevention personnel to avoid the impact of false shutdown of card cutting operation.If you need to enter the hall for business, the city’s business hall are strictly implement the double-code inspection and other epidemic prevention measures, to ensure that you enter the hall for business more secure.If it is not convenient for you to handle business in the office, during the epidemic, you can handle business through a variety of online channels such as “Xinzhou Mobile” wechat public account, “Shanxi Mobile” APP, and adding customer managers to the enterprise wechat.Replacement card, new network access and other needs, online channels can be guaranteed.If you are in the epidemic area, encounter broadband failure but can not be repaired, we can provide you with short-term traffic packets, so that you have no trouble off the network!If you have a beautiful number demand, you can enjoy AABB, ABAB and other beautiful number straight down a discount;If you have the need to watch the movie, ai/you/ Teng members can enjoy the first month of 0.01 yuan discount!If you have a need for double-code registration, we can provide the epidemic prevention form service to realize the one-stop platform service of health code, travel card and information registration, which can be used for the registration and control of visitors and reduce the risk of cross-infection.Seven, cloud temperature measurement service, non-contact temperature measurement is faster if you have a temperature measurement requirements, we can provide services cloud temperature, suitable for foot traffic during the outbreak and group identity are not fixed places (such as e-government service hall, medical places, streets, communities, factories, office buildings, campus, Banks, supermarkets, and airport, etc.) with contactless temperature measurement services,With face recognition temperature measurement terminal, temperature measurement gate, black body monitoring and other programs, to meet the needs of each unit during the epidemic temperature management.8. Cloud +NB card, More effective isolation control If you need home isolation control, we can provide “cloud +NB card + key application” service to realize access monitoring of quarantined people.If you have a need for public opinion monitoring, we can provide public opinion services, and use big data to carry out public opinion monitoring and rapid early warning for government and enterprise units, so as to properly deal with the online public opinion work of COVID-19.If you have the need of remote dispatching, we can provide cloud video services, such as online classroom services for schools, epidemic dispatching services for medical institutions, and online office meeting services for enterprises and institutions.At the same time, key guarantee services will be provided to key commission and bureau systems such as city and county epidemic prevention and control departments and government on-duty roll call.Fulfill the mission and ensure communication services.Xinzhou Mobile will carry the banner of responsibility of central enterprises, do a good job in communication service guarantee during the epidemic, help epidemic prevention and control, and continue to provide customers with quality services.