Jing Ruyang yan Yu fu online is called the most beautiful queen

2022-06-28 0 By

Recently, directed by Ding Yingzhou, Qiao Xin, Xu Zhengxi starring, Liu Ruilin, Jing Ruyang and other leading costume love drama “Yan Yu Fu” is hot broadcast.Jing Ruyang in the play as the appearance of gorgeous charming heart but strong jiao Fang department prostitute “small” also officially launched on February 15.JingRuYang’s teaching, fang company famous prostitute starts the “small” is a stunning number of spectators, bright red lip and gorgeous dress up for the regrets “is really worthy of the name based” “too has lasting appeal” beauty of costume piece after all according to the standard “” t girl played the looking back is really amazing,” have a good laugh at hundred flatters life “” charm.Her every twinkle and smile in the play straight arouse people’s heartstrings, called by the audience the most beautiful flower;On the other hand, she is a girl of love and righteousness, “golden jade”.On the surface, Shi Xiaoxiao is liang Yi’s friend, but in fact, she is liang Yi’s informant, collecting information for him in the mixed community.In the emotional aspect, “Shi Xiaoxiao” has been secretly in love with “Liang Yi”.However, in the face of Liang Yi’s lover “Qiu Yan”, she does not hate “Qiu Yan”, on the contrary, she has some respect for her, has helped her many times.Jing ruyang’s delicate and vivid performance makes the audience feel like a lady with love and justice, and they are also won over by her performance as a flower queen.Since his debut, Jing Ruyang has acted in the New King of Comedy, Linglong, Twelve Tan, Moonlight Variations and other works. The multi-faceted interpretation of different roles has left a deep impression on the audience.Audiences are looking forward to the upcoming movie Boiling Life and Mermaid 2, directed by Stephen Chow.This casting in Yan Yu Fu has also aroused a heated discussion among netizens. We are looking forward to seeing jing ruyang bring us more surprises in the following plots of Yan Yu Fu.