Calm is the best way to solve problems

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In our daily life, we can always see that some people are hasty and flustered, and some people are calm and relaxed.Some people feel like the end of the world at the slightest thing, and some people will never change.Different people react very differently to the same thing because of their different life experiences.The wise man of life knows that the best way to solve a problem is in two words — calm.The realm of life, the attitude of doing things, is from this.From panic to calm, from impetuous to indifferent.In grounding, while tasting the gains and losses, while learning to calm.Ji Xianlin said: “Longitudinal big waves, do not like nor fear.”In the face of the turbulent waves of the mundane world, always keep calm, do not change color, this is the performance of calm.The painter Qi Baishi is such a person.Qi Baishi had a motto: “Laugh when you are praised, laugh when you are scolded.”This is also the story of his life.For a long time in the past, Mr. Qi Baishi’s paintings were controversial. Some people recognized his paintings and praised him as a once-in-a-century artist.Others, either out of prejudice or jealousy, gossiped about his paintings and man.Whatever it was, Qi Baishi just laughed and didn’t take it to heart.Qi Baishi’s calmness was not angry, not annoyed, not happy, not proud, but persisted in doing his own thing.”And the world’s reputation without persuasion, the world is not without ju, depending on the difference between inside and outside, debate between honor and disgrace, it has been.”Don’t be more encouraged by others’ praise, don’t be more frustrated by others’ slander, have their own sense of proportion, clear distinction between honor and disgrace.It’s a sign of calm.Calm people are kinder, friendlier to the world, have more demeanor, and thus receive more friendship, more help, and more praise.A calm mind is not afraid of the wind and waves of the world.May the future of us, can become the heart of the universe, comfortable and calm people.Only easy, to live a good life.The best life, with “easy” as the background color many things in the world are suffering from controversy, but easy two words without controversy.Many known as a writer, pursues the easy to the impression of life, it can be seen from their title: Lao she’s life is a rare leisurely, jia pingwa “may life calmly, liang shiqiu’s wish life calmly, wang zeng-qi the human relish, comfortable and easy, and Lin” leisurely style “.Easy, is a more advanced attitude, but also the life should have the most background.I saw an old man in his eighties, still bright and healthy.He walked without haste and spoke without haste.Later, after chatting with him, I realized that the old man loved reading books when he was young. He also went out of the town to see a bigger world and experienced many things. Gradually, he became calm now.Besides this, the old man was well known for his good nature in the neighbouring villages.After decades of ups and downs, few people have seen him angry, and he has never been in a hurry with anyone. He is always calm.If there is a wise man in reality, it must be a man of such temperament as this old man.Calm calm is a person’s life should maintain a state, if things become busy, then its life can do nothing.I think so.It is rare to see anyone who can get things done in a hurry, let alone live.Life is a process of gain and loss.If you are obsessed with gains and losses, you will be ecstatic because of gains and regrets because of losses, and eventually you will be addicted to them, writhing in a sea of suffering, unable to perceive the benefits of ordinary life.Only by keeping calm and looking at the gains and losses, can we live a good life.People often ask “What is easy?”I think a sentence in The Story of a Small Window tells the essence: “Watch the flowers blossom and fall in front of the court without being surprised;No intention to stay, look at the sky clouds.”At thirty we stand, at forty we have no doubts, at fifty we know destiny.We always in the future of a moment, suddenly understand: life is passing, good and bad, will eventually dilute;Bitter and happy, will eventually be forgotten.Instead of clinging to all kinds of gains and losses in life, good or bad, it is better to be open-minded, magnanimous view of the world, leisurely life.May we be able to calm the heart, in the face of the world.Anchor: Zimo, lecturer of Beijing Academy for Performing Arts, member of China Literary and Art Critics Association. Only love can make the years long.Product: Minsheng Weekly (ID: MSWeekly) New media editorial Department “People’s Famous products” understand different “people’s” domestic products, to create extraordinary people’s livelihood “famous products”.”People’s Livelihood Weekly”, sponsored by the People’s Daily, is China’s only weekly news focusing on people’s livelihood.