The “New Year flavor” of the traffic police: the guardian of the “gate” of the Terracotta Warriors

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February 6th is the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, ruixue falls.At 7:00 in the morning, Yao Zhonglin, a police officer of special duty Squadron of traffic Police Brigade of Lintong Branch of the Public Security Bureau, put on protective clothing and gathered with his colleagues at the high-speed exit of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses special line.”Please scan the QR code.”Yao zhonglin, 45, and his colleagues reminded bus drivers to show their “one-yard pass” and travel codes at highway intersections, and reminded citizens to wear masks when traveling.If there is a history of travel to medium-high risk areas, the 48-hour nucleic acid test report should be checked.As the main route for tourists from within and outside the province to see the terracotta Warriors, yao and his colleagues have not been relaxed about guarding the “gate” of the terracotta warriors as traffic has increased since the emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Mausoleum Museum reopened on Jan 28.Although spring soon began, but the highway around the empty, cold wind straight into the collar.Yao Zhonglin rubbed his hands hard and stamped his feet…”Although the epidemic has been brought under control in Xi ‘an, we cannot relax our efforts to prevent imported cases. My colleagues and I must ensure that risks are kept out.”Yao zhonglin said that due to the epidemic, the highway intersection in the Spring Festival has to be on duty 24 hours a day, and each squad has to stick to the road for 12 hours, but compared with the peak of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the Spring Festival duty is not hard.”The most difficult time was after 12 o ‘clock in the evening when it was cold and everyone on duty wore several layers of clothes.Yao zhonglin said.Busy work, blocking, saluting, scanning code, command release, arm up and down dozens of times, a class estimated that these actions to do nearly a thousand times.Transportation hub prevention and control is an important link in epidemic prevention and control.Yao zhonglin has been fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention since the outbreak in Xi ‘an in December 2021.In charge of linwei border (107 provincial road) during the guard, because there is no facilities around, can only be sealed in the open road control, Yao Zhonglin and colleagues braving the cold, on the road to persuade the driver separately.In the Qinhan Road and other traffic arteries, day and night, snow and cold, there are his anti-epidemic figure.Yao Zhonglin wife ling-ling xue is an auxiliary police from the local police station, during the period of epidemic prevention and control, two people still remain in the epidemic prevention on the line, the maximum daily, 16 year old daughter a person at home, often have to eat instant noodles and leftovers, when the couple dragged tired body back to home, sometimes daughter, with a book in his hand already lying on the sofa asleep.As a veteran party member of the traffic police brigade, Yao’s duty during the Spring Festival is part of his job. On New Year’s Eve, when other families have dinner at home and watch the Spring Festival Gala, Yao and his wife often stick to their posts, sometimes bringing their daughter to work, sometimes staying at home alone.”Since we are both ordinary members of the public security team, it is our duty to guard thousands of families during the Spring Festival.In the New Year, I hope my family can be healthy and safe, and my child can learn and make progress.”Yao zhonglin said that for traffic police, “The flavor of the New Year” is to stick to the front line, ensure smooth traffic and guard the lights of thousands of homes.Article/Reporter Luo Yantu/correspondent Wang Sanhe