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Located in the west of guanzhong Plain, Fufeng County is subordinate to Baoji City of Shaanxi Province. It is the east gate of Baoji. It got its name because of “helping the Capital master and practicing decency”.It has been awarded the honorary titles of “China Strong Tourism County”, “National Health County” and “National Garden County”.Xiaobian today take you into Fufeng, see fufeng and other places worth your visit.First stop, Famen Cultural scenic spot.Baoji city’s first 5A scenic spot.Famen cultural scenic spot is a very important historical and cultural tourist spot in China. In 1987, 2,499 rare treasures of tang Dynasty buried in the underground palace of Famen Temple for thousands of years surrounded the great glory of Sakyamuni Buddha’s finger bone.Among them, the state-level cultural relics, 40 level of more than 148 pieces of cultural relics, level 2 or above 25 pieces of cultural relics, level 3 62 pieces of cultural relics, these freaks out by archaeology as “the world’s ninth largest miracle”, its specifications and grades of high, kinds of multiplying in number, quality, excellent, fine production, rarely seen at home and abroad, the archaeology, 10 rarities as “the world”.2499 rare treasures of the Tang Dynasty will feast your eyes!Let’s go. Next stop……Second stop, Zhouyuan Museum.”Book of Songs · Daya · Cotton” cloud “Zhouyuan 膴膴, such as Yi”, Zhouyuan museum relies on the ruins of Zhouyuan earth and built.Covering an area of 3,400 square meters, the museum displays two major parts: indoor and outdoor.There are four exhibition halls, which are divided into zhouyuan historical relics exhibition, Calligraphy art exhibition, wine culture exhibition and zhouyuan precious cultural relics special exhibition.The museum has 3375 pieces of various collections, from the primitive society to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with a large number of cultural relics in the Western Zhou Dynasty.Among them, oracle bone inscriptions as small as millet are early miniature carvings in China.The history wall plate, which is called “bronze history book”;Among them, a set of 103 pieces of bronze wares unearthed in zhuangbai No.1 cellar is eye-catching.The treasure of Shanghai Museum comes from this fertile soil.According to preliminary statistics, more than 38,000 cultural relics were unearthed at the site, including more than 3,000 vessels including tripods, GUI, li vessels, ancient vessels, vessels, dishes, beans and POTS, more than 1,000 bronze vessels of the Shang and Zhou dynasties, more than 10,000 pieces of pottery of various types, and more than 20,000 pieces of oracle bones of the Western Zhou Dynasty, including 290 pieces of oracle bones with 900 characters.This cultural feast does not make you feel the magic charm of this fertile land.Stop looking, keep walking……Third stop, Chenghuang Temple.Fufeng Town God Temple was built in the third year of Hongwu in Ming Dynasty (1370), covering an area of 13 mu, with 18 ancient buildings. The whole building is located on the rammed earth foundation with a height difference of 13 meters from north to south.The layout is symmetrical and spacious, the main buildings are placed on the central axis, and the auxiliary buildings are on the left and right sides. The whole courtyard is a three-way and four-way courtyard. Starting from shanmen Hall, there are ancient east and west stellar-corridor, archway east and west wing, bell, drum tower, eight trigram pavilion, east and west corridor, east and west ear room, Xiandian, main hall, rear hall and bedroom hall.Among them, the opera house, wooden brand house and the main hall are the best preserved.On May 25, 2006, Fufeng Town God temple was evaluated as a national key cultural relic protection unit by The State Council.It is a comprehensive museum with local characteristics, which integrates ancient temples and cultural relics. It has collected nearly 10,000 historical relics and modern revolutionary relics, among which the bronzes of the Western Zhou Dynasty are the most famous and enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad.The museum has a collection of more than 400 bronze mirrors from the early Zhou Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty.Beauty!!!!It’s really beautiful!It’s all state. Let’s go!Let’s take a look at the ecological beauty of Fufeng.The fourth stop, Nohe Mountain Scenic Area.National “4A” level scenic spot.Yeheshan is the hometown of Yang Guifei, one of the four beauties in ancient China, and the site of Yuanyehe People’s Commune is the former site of a completely preserved people’s commune in China at present. Yeheshan is also the base of locust flower forest with large area and large density in China. Every May, the strong fragrance of locust flower is fragrant.There is also the pedestal of Jiang Ziya.Scenic ravines and valleys, narrow deep, fengshentai site, the god of wealth Zhao Gongming and three xiao sisters monastery, Tang Yang Yuhuan birthplace.Prime Minister Yang Guozhong’s father Yang Martyr’s couple burial ground, such as guifei Liang, Yangjiaping, Yangjiawan, Five tiger Ridge, Tied horse stone scenic spots and historic sites, recording the history of the Tang Dynasty and the rise and fall of the Yang family, really is the fairy mountain strange pavilion, unlimited scenery, let a person reluctant to leave.Yeheshan ecotourism scenic spot not only has charming natural scenery, but also has numerous cultural attractions and profound historical and cultural accumulation.Built in the Sui and Tang dynasties, there are nine eyes Fengquan Temple, the lower house of Famen Temple, and the pagoda courtyard for the monks’ death, which are gradually integrated with famen Temple and complement each other.The cultural relics of the Western Zhou dynasty, such as Shentai, Rufeng Mountain, Beacon Tower, and three xiao (Yun xiao, Bi Xiao, Qiongxiao) sisters’ cultivation and immortalization, xiguan Mountain, Zhongguan Mountain, and Dongguan Mountain, can be found all over it.As the birthplace of Yang Guifei, its and Yang Guifei related to the Beam, waterfall, immortal cave, Stone Mountain, Yang Xun tomb is the interpretation of many legendary stories spread through the ages.May season, in the wild mountains scenic area, you will be one hundred thousand acres of locust incense intoxicated!Wake up!It’s getting late, so XIAobian will take you to have a look at the Qixinghe National Wetland Park in Fengfeng of the United States.The fifth stop, Qixinghe National Wetland Park.Qixinghe National Wetland is a typical river wetland in weibei Loess tableland, integrating the characteristics of river wetland, reservoir wetland and marsh wetland.The park covers an area of 1780 mu and stretches for 4 kilometers. It focuses on creating 26 landscape nodes, such as golden terraces, overlapping shadows of Chinese fir and bamboo, green grass lufei, Fruit red Manlong, apricot And Tangtang Misty Rain, forming a scene of different sceneries and sceneries in four seasons.QiXingHe national wetland park is not only an ecological engineering, but also tourism projects, the people’s livelihood project, has now become a leisure vacation is an excellent place worldwide yangxin masses, is also the important base of the development of the popular science education, providing public service, will certainly to realize ecological benefit, social benefit and economic benefit of “multi-win”, further improve the out urban comprehensive competitiveness.There are many beautiful scenery of Fufeng, so beautiful.”Zhou Feng Tang Yun, heyday fufeng”, I welcome you in fufeng.