“I did it!Four years of hard work paid off

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China beat Sweden 8-3 to win the gold medal in wheelchair curling at the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games on March 12 at the Iccube National Aquatics Center.Chinese team members at the award ceremony.People’s Daily Online reporter Weng Qiyu takes this winter Paralympic Games, defending champion China got off to a bad start, losing 3-7 to Canada in the first game and 5-1 to Sweden in the second game.After two consecutive defeats, China burst into form, winning eight straight games to advance to the semi-finals.Coincidentally, the semi-final was against Canada again. This time, The Chinese team did not give their opponents too many chances and won the match 9:5 smoothly.The defending champion, who again met Sweden in the gold medal match, did not let history repeat itself, winning easily 8 to 3 to win the Paralympic Winter Games again.”We’re a winning team!The initial loss was just the beginning and the mentality changed very quickly.””In fact, we made some preparations during the preparation process, and the players played better and better in the following matches,” coach Yue Qingqing said.Can in Beijing winter Paralympics on the lead team to win the gold medal, also let Yue Qingliang feeling myriad.”I really want to defend my title at home and it’s exciting to see the players grow.We had a total of 12 team members in the beginning, but only five of them competed in the Paralympics, but I am especially grateful to the other seven team members and the two coaches. We won as a team.”In recent years, wang Haitao, as the captain of the team, is like the magic needle in the team, and can always turn the tide at the critical moment.Wang Haitao is in the competition.People’s Daily reporter Weng Qiyu recalled the Chinese team’s championship process, Yue Qingqing and Wang Haitao said that in addition to the final and semi-final, the round-robin match against Norway was the most memorable.In that match, China came back from behind to win 7-4 thanks to a superb shot by Wang Haitao to score four points.”The last pot is very important, if you lose it then it will be very difficult to play.”Wang haitao recalled.”In 2018 we competed for a medal in Pyeongchang. In 2022, playing at home is like defending the medal. As long as we do the process well, the result will take care of itself.””As a team leader, I always tell everyone not to be afraid of mistakes.Yan Zhuo and Zhang Mingliang both participated in the Winter Paralympics for the first time. I told them that your mistakes were jianxin (Chen), jianxin (Chen) and I.They were great, they stood up to the pressure and our four years of work paid off.”Yan Zhuo, 29, is the only female athlete on the team.In 2016, she switched to wheelchair curling as a wheelchair archery athlete and soon became the main force of the team.Yan zhuo and his teammates won the world championship at the Ice Cube last October.Today, more than four months later, again here to win the championship, Yan Zhuo said very happy.”I was so happy to have more people cheering for us this time.Before the game, the coach sang songs to us to relieve the pressure, and we were very excited after playing. We would not be depressed if we made mistakes. We believed in our teammates very much.”Zhang Mingliang, who participated in the Paralympic Winter Games for the first time, was also very excited. “I have many people to thank for participating in the Paralympic Winter Games at home.A four-year cycle, there were fatigue periods, but still strong.I am especially honored and proud to receive this gold medal.”In the past four years, the Chinese wheelchair curling team has paid too much to prepare for the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games, from members to coaches.”When the quarantine is over, I want to go home and see my son for the first time.I have not been a good mother and I want him to see that his mother is the best.”Recalling these four years, Yue Qingqing can not help but shed tears.On the day of the gold medal match, Yan zhuo’s parents and uncle also came to watch the match.”I really want to share gold MEDALS and ‘Jin Rong Rong’ with them.I haven’t been home for two years and miss them so much.I want to say, My daughter did it!'” At the 2018 Pyeongchang Paralympic Winter Games, The Chinese wheelchair curling team achieved a breakthrough of zero gold MEDALS and zero MEDALS for the Chinese sports delegation.The successful defense of the Chinese wheelchair curling team at the 2022 Beijing Paralympic Winter Games is sure to inspire even more people.”The five of us can do it, everyone can do it, I hope more disabled friends can come out to face the society, constantly challenge and overcome themselves.”闫卓 said.Source: People’s Daily Online