Huainan market supervision departments to launch a crackdown on pyramid selling into community publicity activities

2022-06-27 0 By

In order to further consolidate the crackdown on pyramid selling work, raise people’s awareness of pyramid selling and the ability to identify, on February 15th morning, market supervision and administration of huainan city in Tian Jiaan district xinhua community has carried out the theme of “cherish family, away from the pyramid selling” campaign against pyramid selling into the community, to the community residents extensive propaganda against pyramid selling knowledge of relevant laws and regulations.Activity scene, market supervision and law enforcement personnel through hanging propaganda banners, publicity materials, on-site answers and other ways to widely promote the concept of MLM to the masses of the community, the harm of MLM and the fight against MLM related laws and regulations, education and guide community residents to see through and away from MLM in a timely manner.A total of more than 500 copies of publicity materials were issued on the spot, such as “Combating pyramid schemes Publicity Manual”, publicity leaflets and “Combating pyramid schemes to the general public”, and more than 20 people were consulted by the masses.Huainan City market supervision bureau related person in charge said, the next step, the market supervision bureau will hit the spread of “Wanjian -2022” action as an opportunity, the regular launch of the crackdown on pyramid selling into the community, into the campus, into the shopping mall, into the enterprise publicity activities, vigorously create a nationwide boycott pyramid selling, reported pyramid selling atmosphere, actively maintain social harmony and stability.(Correspondent: Shi Shenhong) Editor: Industry and Commerce Herald Shen Yulou