Hot search no. 1!Online sales of Gu Ailing Panhuo traditional snack leek box doubled

2022-06-27 0 By

As the Beijing Winter Olympics draw to a close, the hashtag # Gu Ailing lighting up a snack Bar has topped weibo’s list of top trending topics, with 120 million views.In the Winter Olympics, Gu Became one of the most eye-catching athletes with two gold MEDALS and one silver medal. Off the field, her traditional snacks such as leek box, sheng jian bao and honey three Knives were quickly sold through the Internet, and Gu was rated as the best goods by netizens.Inside a time-honored snack bar in Beijing, many consumers are lining up to buy snacks.Mr. Li, a citizen who lives nearby, stopped by to buy a “Gu Ailing with the same style” leek box, “originally love this taste, see Gu Ailing is also eating, suddenly the greedy bug hook up.””Sales of Chinese leek boxes have soared recently, thanks to the promotion of world champion Gu Ailing.””The sales volume of leek boxes in our store is double that of the same period last year, and we can sell more than 100 leek boxes a day on our online platform alone,” said Mr. Gong, the store manager.Meituan data showed that in the week after Gu mentioned the leek box, users searched more than 120,000 times, up more than 161% year on year, and the cumulative sales volume of takeout food exceeded 1.6 million, up 93% year on year.More than leek boxes, traditional delicacies such as sheng jian bao, honey three knives, sugar cakes and instant-boiled mutton are also popular among consumers.According to Meituan data, the food mentioned by Gu has seen a high increase in search volume.Among them, “Mi SAN Dao”, a traditional style pastry from Jiangsu and Shandong provinces, saw the fastest increase in user searches in the past week, up 244 percent.”Sheng jian”, “mutton hotpot” and “tangpiao” were searched 800,000 times, 310,000 times and 30,000 times respectively, up 57 percent, 32 percent and 128 percent year-on-year.In recent years, with the rise of “National fashion culture”, young people are also more and more interested in tasting traditional and authentic snacks, such as sheng jian bao, tang Shao, pea huang, etc., while the level of communication on social media can also bring amazing exposure to traditional snacks, which can instantly translate into sales.”Today’s young people, when they see a hot spot on the Internet, they can immediately place an order through takeout, which enables many time-honored brands to be quickly connected with young people’s ideas and revitalize them in the new consumption era.”Yun Cheng, president of the Beijing Cuisine Association, said that the Winter Olympics is a window for more international friends to learn about Chinese cuisine and culture and experience a more vivid and three-dimensional China.