Euler good Cat: “Her” strength deserves to be seen

2022-06-27 0 By

On February 18th, the online media communication meeting of “Hello! Big Girl” of Aulahao Cat X was officially opened. Together with numerous media, we will jointly explore the efforts and struggles behind independent and confident women in the new era online.”Hello, big girl” is a female on-the-spot interview program, dialogue striver women in all walks of life, to show their choice of thinking, in their respective situation, adhere to and beyond, recording the time a woman’s voice, and euler good cat “more love women” the core concept of bring out the best in each other, became a deep cooperation in the common understanding.This communication will continue the value theme of the program. “New Generation Wisdom Beauty Tide Race” Euler Good Cat and good cat GT once again endorse independent and confident women, and pay tribute to “her era” together with the guests on the scene, so that “her power” is seen by more people.The power of women, worthy to be seen when the women’s shot put world champion shows off her unknown “soft” side;When the head of the forward young actor Wan Qian in front of the stage and behind the scenes of full devotion;When Zheng Xiaoying, the chief female conductor in China, interprets fearless girls with passion and challenge;When the ballet queen Tan Yuanyuan and her friends together dance gallery fantasy night;When gong Linna, the folk singer, excavates her own “wild” nature and explores the steps of freedom;When Chen Xuan, an architectural designer, seeks for himself and boundaries to pursue a more valuable and diverse life;When Chinese athlete Zhang Hong interprets the blooming of different flowering periods, she ADAPTS herself and becomes the best of herself…Throw away the one-sided, stereotyped label, break the so-called perfect, accept the real, rich self, under the program initiator Yang LAN’s listening, in the “Hello! Big girl” program camera record, the term “big girl” appears particularly three-dimensional and rich.In the online media communication meeting of Euler Good Cat X “Hello! Big Girl”, the audience once again extended the program concept and interpreted the two models of Good Cat and Good Cat GT, showing the sincere tribute of the brand to the spiritual value of women.Based on the insight of women, euler good cat passing on unique style, full of color restoring ancient ways, give more classic style and the beauty of science and technology, the vehicle design aesthetics as the new generation of women tailored, models also carry the chair heating, massage chair, active braking, parking assist, 360 – degree panoramic images and a series of female friendly setting, was deeply loved by the masses of users.Olla Good Cat GT also offers more diverse choices for female users with its cool, wild and futuristic sports model.From the program “Hello! Big Girl” to the female-friendly characteristics of Euler’s Good Cat products, they are interpreting such a voice: the power of women, deserve to be seen.Through this online media communication meeting, Aulahao Cat conducted in-depth discussions with many media, effectively extended her voice, and promoted the social influence of women’s spiritual value.Speaking together with “her” and growing together with “her”, The brand positioning of Euler is “a car brand that loves women more” — Euler saw the power of “her” and chose to stand firmly with “her”. Euler Good Cat is one of the epitomes of this brand concept.In 2021, Olahao Cat achieved annual cumulative sales of 50,931 units, becoming a popular model in A0 BEV market.In the first month of 2022, Aulahao Cat got off to a good start with 9,020 sales.Aulahao Cat has become a typical representative of automobile category innovation, and has proved its strength value and popularity through excellent market performance.In addition to the meticulous construction of model products, from euler Good Cat Happy Life Bureau, Euler Good Cat GT elopement trip to this “Hello! Big Girl”, Euler Good Cat has completed the sublimation of “female-friendly” from individual to group, from emotional integration to common voice, and become a growth partner who knows more about the new generation of women.Through these trends that are easier to perceive, Olahao Cat concretely expresses the spiritual value connotation of the product, breaks through the bond of empathy with users, and successfully breaks the circle cognition, realizing the further transmission of brand cultural value.Virginia Woolf said, “A woman should not be a still life in a vase to be looked at, but a rhythm that spreads across the prairie and dances with the wind.”Women’s radiant rhythms deserve to be seen and applauded.Under the guidance of the brand concept of “more love women”, Olahao Cat will continue to create emotional resonance with contemporary women, and will also enable more women to grow up and achieve a breakthrough in self-value.In the future, there will surely be more “big girls” to find more sparkling themselves, which is the beautiful expectation of Euler Good Cat and the sincere agreement between Euler Good Cat and female users.