The exquisite animal anthropomorphic juvenile illustration, the depiction of hair texture is really great

2022-06-26 0 By

Happy New Year everyone!New Year lazy to now began to update, xi xi today JIOJIO to share with you this group of illustration works, is a group of exquisite style of animal anthropomorphic juvenile illustration design art works, let us enjoy it together!Today, the group of illustration works that JIOJIO wants to share with you is a group of cartoon designer and illustrator Blue (Ozadomi) from Japan. Is that what you want?Artist Mode Miyazaki Blue’s description of hair texture is really unique, the feeling of fuzzy but not messy.These orcs give people a very lovely feeling, the animal characteristics and the figure of the perfect integration together, costume design is also very gorgeous, looks very handsome, do you like this work?Well, today’s illustration works to share here, I don’t know if you have from this illustrator’s work to get what different inspiration?Let JIOJIO know in the comments!