Student share: The IPAD war with children, finally a new result

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First of all, thank you very much for the sharing and guidance of the 14-Day Smart Parents Camp group. It has been an amazing two weeks for me.When it became clear to me that I needed to change, a course like this helped me through the darkness.The darkest part of the week before 14 days of darkness was when my eldest daughter and I got into a “do-or-die phase” over the IPAD. She outwitted me and I began to let go of my 12-year-old daughter, expecting her to take responsibility for herself.As a result, she was responsible enough to play video games for 12 hours a day instead of online classes, and I went from fighting with her to fighting with myself. I felt that I let her get away with it, but I didn’t want to go back to the old ways of controlling the fight.My husband was very supportive of me and asked me to try different solutions, but he couldn’t support my anxiety, because he was also anxious, but his tolerance was better than mine.Although I soon listened to the teacher mo Zi’s audio, but also look at the teacher ban Ziyang’s share, but I still feel through the tunnel.See inside the group to share all kinds of children’s problems, I can feel the helpless group of parents, the mood is more LOW.I often wake up in the middle of the night, sit for a while, and sleep again when I’m tired.Fortunately, I am a very open person, so I resolutely signed up for the happiness Charger course, and then sought the support of Gestalt Beijing organization and found a teacher.They let me understand from different angles: 1. If I can’t get out of my entanglement, it means that the pattern is not enough.Children care more about the quality of life, if she does not feel, will naturally find things to make her happier to do.Let yourself live out first.4. Twelve-year-olds should not be expected to take responsibility for themselves all of a sudden. They need parental guidance.There is no either/or in dealing with problems.It doesn’t mean respect doesn’t matter, what to watch should be.I want to bring my child to life, to face learning difficulties, not to watch the time on the IPAD.Seeing glimmer When I figured it out by myself, I participated in the theme sharing and repeated listening to the audio of the class, I had a lot of insight, and found that the sharing and audio were very in place.So I tried to communicate with my daughter in an emotionally stable way, no longer afraid of her guarding her IPAD like an old hen.When I took her to see her stomach problem, I asked her easily, “You see, I gave you freedom, but I found that the effect is not good, which I also understand, this is like learning to ride a bicycle, unless you can control the balance, you can not go on both feet.Now what about this problem?”She said, “I have an idea. You can use the screen time password.”Then we agreed to watch for an hour every day, with half an hour for games.Homework is checked at nine o ‘clock every day.These days she has a super time, she is really more familiar with the IPAD, I can accept it, just want to play more, then play more.Seeing her study condition better than before, I feel that her heart can calm down at least some, I can help her to read English.And the four of us started running together every day, and it felt like she was getting better.I was even happier when my wife started listening to the audio of the 14-Day Wise Parent Camp every day. I could tell he wanted a change.The current problem is that children drop math and biology more, but are less willing to revise.Let’s see how we can encourage her dad to try and get hired back as her math teacher.Little by little.I now believe that if she has the courage to overcome the difficulties, she will be able to catch up.I believe that the more leisurely I live, the better my family will be.Thank you for this wonderful 14-day course and study group.Sure enough, adult learning depends on community.~ — “14 Days wisdom Parents Camp” shared by campers