Is it the ox or the tiger?

2022-06-26 0 By

Today I turn the calendar found an interesting phenomenon, the first day of the first month xin Chou year, tiger.Xin Chou, Chou, ox, how can it be a tiger?Is it a contradiction?Then look, the third or xin Chou year, tiger.The fourth day, the beginning of spring, The Year of Ren Yin, tiger.Comparison of the third, Xin Chou year, tiger, the fourth, Ren Yin year, tiger, that is to admit the New Year shall prevail, also admit the beginning of spring shall prevail, eat melon masses meng, in the end that shall prevail?Chinese traditional ganzhi year, from the beginning of spring to the end of the next year are “Renyin year” : the renyin year began on the first day of the first month is incorrect.Since the beginning of Spring of the 24 solar terms, the Ganzhi Calendar is the ganzhi calendar.This is true of the official almanac.The Lunar calendar and the Ganzhi calendar are two different calendars with different starting point of year, month division rules and days of each year.Because our country uses the Gregorian calendar, we often confuse the ganzhi calendar with the lunar calendar.In fact, Xin Chou, Ren Yin, nian zhu is separated, tangled Spring Festival and the start of spring set attribute has no meaning.In grade three, Xin Chou and Hu, whether this is a wrong statement of Huawei mobile phone calendar needs to be verified by huawei experts.