Inner Mongolia: The outbreak in Hohhot is sudden, fierce and complex

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February 18, according to the Inner Mongolia autonomous region WeiJianWei bulletin: 0-24 February 17, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region reported cases of the new local 22 cases, Hohhot 21 cases (11 cases, yuquan area in 1 case, “Abraham area in 5 cases, hui nationality area in 1 case, tumed left flag in 2 cases, WuChuan County 1 case), baotou in 1 case (in kunduz shimron area).No new suspected cases or asymptomatic infected persons were reported.As of February 17, 24, 32 cases of cases of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the existing local, Hohhot 26 cases (11 cases, yuquan area, 3 cases of the rare area 7 cases, hui nationality area in 1 case, tumed left flag 3 cases, 1 case WuChuan County), baotou in 1 case (in kunduz shimron area), the hulun buir city, 5 cases (both in manzhouli town).1 asymptomatic infected person imported from abroad (in Kerqin District, Tongliao City).They are being treated in isolation in designated hospitals, and all close contacts are being quarantined in designated places for medical observation to prevent the spread of the epidemic.Shi Taifeng, secretary of the Party Committee of The Autonomous Region and chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, visited Hohhot on February 17 to supervise the prevention and control of the epidemic, Inner Mongolia Daily reported.He stressed that the city should fully understand the severe and complex situation faced by the current epidemic prevention and control, adhere to the word “fast”, “accurate”, “solid”, and take extraordinary measures to resolutely control the epidemic in the shortest possible time, and spare no effort to win the battle of containment and annihilation.Wang Lixia, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region attended the meeting.Shi taifeng first visited the Headquarters of Hohhot for epidemic prevention and control, visited the hotline consultation group and the comprehensive Coordination group, and communicated with the staff to learn about the progress of nucleic acid testing and other epidemic prevention and control work in detail.Later, Shi taifeng chaired a meeting to hear reports on Hohhot’s epidemic prevention and control work, and put forward clear requirements on the current epidemic prevention and control work.Shi Taifeng said the current outbreak of the virus in Hohhot is sudden, fierce and complicated. The top priority now is to act fast and strictly, resolutely control risks and cut the chain of transmission, without any delay or relaxation.Epidemic prevention and control work is a matter of overall situation, is global, municipal party committee and municipal government to profoundly understand the responsibilities of the major, rapid accurate and effective measures, organize various aspects strength into the outbreak, one thousand party hundreds working, go all out to fight, with the best to control the outbreak, the shortest time in minimum range,We will ensure the safety and health of the people.Shi stressed the importance of coordinating nucleic acid testing, tracing the source of the epidemic, isolation and control, and carrying out simultaneous, coordinated and rapid progress to resolutely cut off the channels for the spread of the epidemic.It is necessary to scientifically determine the scope of all tests, step up efforts to improve the testing system in efficient operation, carry out nucleic acid testing against every second, strengthen the matching of all links of collecting, sending, testing and reporting, and ensure that all tests are carried out without leaving any blind spots or missing anyone.He called for high-quality and efficient efforts to trace the source of the epidemic, identify the source of the epidemic as soon as possible, identify loopholes and weak links in prevention and control, and improve the quality and efficiency of the epidemic response with precision.We should adhere to the method of “big data + grid” to improve the quality and accuracy of flow adjustment, ensure that the screening and control of close contacts and sub-close contacts is not missed, and effectively reduce the stay time of risk personnel in the social surface to the minimum and the contact surface to the minimum.All control measures should be strictly implemented, and risk-level areas should be designated and adjusted in a scientific way. In the containment areas, “areas should be closed, people should not leave the area, and door-to-door services should be provided.” In the control areas, people should not leave the area, and gathering should be strictly prohibited.We should strictly regulate the management of quarantine points, comprehensively strengthen social control, reduce social gatherings, and strictly prevent the spread and spillovers of the epidemic.We need to step up publicity and guidance to encourage the public to strengthen personal protection, and promptly report any information.Efforts should be made to treat confirmed patients and prevent cases of hospitalisation.He called for timely release of authoritative information and prevention and control measures to respond to public concerns and address concerns related to the epidemic.It is necessary to assess the needs in advance based on the situation of the epidemic, coordinate work such as isolation sites and medical supplies, and be fully prepared to deal with the epidemic.Xi called for coordinated epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, scientific and targeted prevention and control, and minimizing the impact on the normal order of work and life.Shi stressed that the CPC Hohhot Municipal Party Committee and the Hohhot Municipal Government should firmly shoulder the major political responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, give full play to the fighting power of grassroots organizations, and deal with the epidemic resolutely and without hesitation.The chief comrades in charge should take the front line, command from the front, act quickly, seek in-depth and solid work, and be responsible, responsible and conscientious in guarding the soil.The command system for epidemic prevention and control should be flat and efficient, with scientific command, clear instructions, systematic and orderly, smooth and effective implementation, so as to solve front-line problems in a rapid, precise and efficient manner, and ensure that all prevention and control measures are put into effect.Both upstream and downstream of the chain of responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, and the left and right sides of the chain of work, should communicate and coordinate closely with each other and work in unison to form a strong synergy for epidemic prevention and control.We must take an extremely serious and responsible attitude to resolutely implement all requirements, identify and resolve weak links and prominent problems in our work, and ensure that every link and task of epidemic prevention and control is carried out in a concrete and effective manner.We must resolutely put an end to formalism and bureaucratism, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control with a strong attitude, without the slightest negligence.On February 17, the Hohhot Headquarters for novel Coronavirus prevention and control issued a notice to adjust the epidemic risk level in some areas of Hohhot.According to the announcement, the COVID-19 Prevention and control Headquarters of Hohhot has decided to take effective measures from 14:00 on February 17, 2022, in accordance with the “Notice on The Implementation of Precise Control Measures on The Adjustment of REGIONAL and Classification Standards for COVID-19 Outbreak” (2020) issued by the Joint Prevention and control mechanism of The State Council.Yuquan District xinglong Lane Street four li Ying East community, Xiaoheihe Town Xianghe Yuan community;Saihan District Zhaowuda South Road street Xiaotai Community, Qilechuan Street Yi Shui Yuan community;Donghe Community, Genghis Khan Street, New urban district;Tile-fangyuan New Village, Baimiaozi Town, Tuzuo Banner;Wuchuan county on the bald hai township west guanjing village delineated as a risk area.Up to now, Hohhot city has a total of 7 middle risk areas.Hohhot suspended all training institutions, offline training behavior on February 16, Hohhot bureau of education issued notice, according to the city to deal with will be coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work headquarters notice, the city health committee on the release COVID Ⅲ – 19 outbreak level warning notice “requirement, for real” outside the input, the rebound “work,Effectively block the transmission channels of the epidemic, and suspend offline training of all training institutions from now on.The circular pointed out that, in accordance with the spirit of “Notice on Seriously Investigating and Punishing all kinds of Disguised illegal Activities of Conducting Discipline Off-campus Training” issued by the Secretary Group of the Leading Group of Education work of the CPC Municipal Committee, the complexity and severity of the current epidemic prevention and control situation should be deeply understood, especially in November 2021.After a freelancer in Zhengzhou was diagnosed as a COVID-19 patient, some related primary and secondary schools and kindergartens launched the epidemic prevention and control emergency response mechanism, causing a great negative impact on the society.Hohhot to learn this lesson, the flag of counties, cities outside the special training organization members of the joint meeting mechanism unit should earnestly perform their duties, intensify joint law enforcement, variation, “one to one”, and strictly guard against all kinds of hidden underground in violation of the training of huge risks and investigated various invisible variation discipline violation behavior training class.Borrow the epidemic prevention and control strictly the quick processing of machine colluding, bid up the price, price fraud, hoarding and other illegal behavior in view of the current COVID – 19 the epidemic situation, the bureau publishes notice, to the city’s epidemic prevention and control materials, grain and oil, meat, vegetables, eggs, milk and other important commodities price regulation of the people’s livelihood, maintain the normal order of market price,Protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.The circular urged operators to operate in accordance with the law, consciously safeguard market order and public interests, and not disrupt the normal market price order.Operators shall be prohibited from engaging in unfair price behaviors, including colluding with each other to manipulate market prices;Fabricate and spread information about price rises, raise prices, push commodity prices up too fast and too high, and disrupt the market price order;Using false or misleading price means to trick consumers or other business operators into trading with them;In addition to the production of self-use, beyond the normal storage quantity or storage cycle, a large number of hoarding of goods in tight market supply and abnormal price fluctuations, pushing commodity prices up too fast and too high.Consumers who take the opportunity of epidemic prevention and control to collude in price rises, price gouging, price fraud, hoarding and other illegal acts that disrupt market order can call the supervision and reporting hotline 12315 to complain and report. Once confirmed, the market supervision department will deal with them strictly and quickly in accordance with the law.If the amount of illegal gains is relatively large or there are other serious circumstances, they shall be transferred to the public security organs for criminal investigation.Sources: Health Commission of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia Daily editor: Han Yu