This gang of thieves is not very calm!

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“My Windows were smashed and cash stolen from my car!””Officer, 1000 yuan is missing from my car!””My car do not know by who scrape bad ask you to help check!”…February 7 (New Year’s day seven) in the morning Yannan High-tech Zone Branch Kecheng police station received a number of people reported that the car property stolen gang crime,A number of cars were smashed according to the description of the police stolen vehicles suffered varying degrees of damage Yancheng police attaches great importance to the immediate investigation work criminal police brigade, Kecheng police station immediately rushed to the scene to investigate according to the police statistics on the day of the two communities a total of 7 cars stolen preliminary judgment is gang crime.Police patrol track through the detection of a black car to attract the attention of the police this car in the morning around 4 o ‘clock into the underground garage of the district and in half an hour left “is this car!Peg!”The police conducted intensive investigation around the car. After analysis and analysis, the police successfully locked the target and confirmed that the car was driven by the suspect.In the early morning of February 8th, the police of Yannan High-tech Zone branch arrested the four suspects in one fell swang in the hotel, confiscated more than 4000 yuan of stolen money and several packs of cigarettes. The four suspects confessed to the crime of stealing property in the car by smashing the window, kicking the door and pulling the door.The case is still in the further trial of the police remind parking must be closed Windows, timely lock, and check whether the door is locked, pay attention to observe the surrounding there are no suspicious people.Do not leave valuables in the car. If you find any stolen items in the car, report them to the police immediately.