“The last welding”!Novice welder solution: how to weld gasoline tank?

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A few months ago, I got a job at the garage.A customer had a slight oil leak in his car’s fuel tank and had it repaired by the garage.Welding car fuel tank this is a highly difficult technical work, the general apprentice dare not do it himself.Chen, the master, did the welding himself.He first told his apprentice to let all the oil out of the car fuel tank, and then he went to weld the car fuel tank himself.Several apprentices wanted to learn some welding skills from the master, so they all watched the master how he welded.I do not know whether the apprentice did not completely remove the oil in the car fuel tank, or some other reason, the car fuel tank suddenly exploded in the welding process, a flash of fire.The explosion spilled the remaining oil from the car’s fuel tank onto those around it.Everyone around them was on fire.After the fire was put out, the teacher, Chen Jun, was found dead on the spot and several other apprentices suffered massive body burns.After the accident, Chen jun’s garage went bankrupt immediately.He has become a veritable “negative man” by a successful person envied by all of us.This is really “the weather is unpredictable, people are always happy” ah!Be careful not to be careful.A moment’s neglect can ruin a family.Safety is really more important than Mount Tai ah!Car fuel tank in the long-term use process, often due to vehicle turbulence or corrosion and crack leakage.In addition to the crack loss is small, the force is not available tin welding or adhesive plugging, generally to use electric welding repair.However, when welding and repairing the containers that have been filled with petroleum products, we must strictly abide by the operating procedures and strengthen safety protection measures, otherwise there will be unimaginable consequences.It is particularly important to note that the tank must be welded after thorough cleaning, because petroleum products (especially gasoline) have a strong permeability, such as casual cleaning, oil gas molecules are difficult to remove.During welding, the flame ignites the combustible gas mixture remaining in the tank, causing an explosion.General gasoline tank commonly used cleaning methods are :1. Put out the gasoline, remove the tank, and then fill the gasoline tank with more than half of the tank of water, the boiler steam tube from the refueling port into the water, let the gasoline tank water boiling for about 1 hour, so that the glue and dirt floating on the water and washed away, so two consecutive times.2. Clean the gasoline tank with hot water, then blow dry with compressed air to remove the gasoline vapor inside, and finally soak the gasoline tank in an aqueous solution containing 10% sodium hydroxide.Rinse the inside and outside with clean water after immersion. If rust is found outside, clean it with steel wire brush.3. If the above conditions are not met, you can also flush the gasoline tank with clean water.The method is to insert the water pipe into the oil tank mouth, open the oil bolt and float mouth, rinse with pressure water continuously for about 5 days, until the smell of gasoline can not be welded.After cleaning the gas tank, check its sealing.The method is: the first gasoline tank orifice with rubber plug plug, and then immersed in water, the pressure of 117.6 ~ 147kPa compressed air from the fuel tank pipe joint input tank, air is the source of leakage.Scrape the paint, if the hole is not available tin welding, the hole is too large to apply patches to repair welding.When using gas welding, the gasoline tank should be filled with cold water to prevent explosion.After welding, flatten the welding place with a file knife, and then check the sealing of the gasoline tank with high-pressure air, and then load the car after welding.This can not only ensure production safety, but also ensure the welding quality of gasoline tank.Xiaobian advice: If it’s broken, replace it with a new one and fix a hammer!Avoid all unsafe factors as far as possible!