Sweet text “Your Highness is too fierce: Princess, beg not to run!”Your Highness: She is mine, all of it

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With a tolerant heart to live, the crowded world will become infinitely broad, and the ordinary life will become full of sunshine.Hello, everyone! I’m here to save you from the book shortage.As long as click collect, you can get rid of the book shortage of life, your love is my biggest power!Today brings you the wonderful content is: sweet text “Your Highness is too fierce: Princess, beg not to run!”Your Highness: She is mine, all of it.Abstract: When I woke up, I found myself in an unknown continent.A face orange dry flat, want to die have have?Not only is it a waste, but it’s also a real Wolf in the eye, so long way to go.Clean up the man who cheats and plays with female feelings, protect family, encounter beautiful male to take advantage of the road, get on overbearing man, ate the other people lingbao.What moral integrity do you need to survive?Go to hell, everybody. Be a pussy.”Handsome, I fell in love with you at first sight.””You are my heart, you are my liver, you are three quarters of my life.”Someone is so high on a rainbow fart, and since she loves herself so much, she should stop practicing medicine.Some two dark defend in the heart howl: “you this be to see color to rise clearly!”When she was so smug that she could practice.Poof! Turned into a white fox.”I must have dug other people’s ancestral graves in my last life, right?Otherwise how to become a fox from a person again?”As the awakening of one’s blood, she begins to search mystery of one’s life experience gradually, pass through so not to be accident ~, she is her brave break demon bound, he is her 3 times demon change.”If anyone lays a finger on her, I will slaughter her entire house. What if I am against all worlds for her?””Ha ha, as long as she is well and happy, it doesn’t matter if she is so miserable.””Darling, I will not die, I do not want to see you sad tears.I’ll wait for you to marry me! ‘Wonderful fragment: originally is not very care about nine elder, at this moment the look in the eyes also sharp rise.What if the Ten Elders and the big boys didn’t come back because they were scrabbling for loot in Elm?Elm is a relatively wealthy town on the edge of the Monster Mountains, not as rich as Yancheng, but enviable if it does manage to control its wealth.Do not speak of your own, lest the owner of the house come and kill the fat, or he would not send them to seize the mo house.And now these guys are out here doing something like this.How are they supposed to get what they want?The matter must be considered in the long run.Even if the plunder, must also have their own share, otherwise no one will be able to take it all.After thinking clearly, he pointed directly at his brother and sister and said to the man beside them, “Hold them and don’t let them go to inform you.”The 20 people behind him immediately surrounded go up, mo long two people turn round and run, the face is afraid of things, but the first time back to the time are very proud of smile.Laughing and Shouting, “What about brother?They’re coming.””Don’t be afraid, little brother. As long as we keep running, we will certainly get out.”Yuan Ye at the same time with anxious tone of the answer, at the same time not good spirit stare at the ink leisurely.All the time he is more serious, or the first time to let this sister to take the side, a good fight not to play a play.Yi Ziqian: Suer, come, I’ll tell you a story about Lady White and Xu Xian.Willow catkin son: who is lady White?Who is Xu Xian?Yi Ziqian: Xu Xian was a doctor and Lady White was a snake spirit.This is a doctor married a snake spirit of the story, how fierce not severe?Willow catkin son: that xianggong you more severe ah, you married a turnip fine!Highlights: Idle for a few days, the radish essence is noisy to go to suburban zhuangzi to see flowers and plants.Yi Ziqian naturally is agreed, even if she wants to god, he will follow him.Before going to gambling son qian wearing radish fine to find liu home two girls Liu Shanshan.Radish jing this just know, originally this by her mother-in-law bully woman is Liu Fangfang’s elder sister.After sitting down to chat, from the mouth of Liu Shanshan learned some of the specific things of Liu Fangfang.When Liu Fangfang was a child, she was not stupid. When she was 7 years old, she suddenly fell ill and had a fever for several days. She sought many doctors for treatment.I am well, but I am foolish.The Liu family is a coffin maker. There are only two coffins in Fancheng, and the other one was opened later. Most people still choose Liu’s coffin.Therefore, Liu’s family was not poor. Since childhood, they had several servants to wait on them.Later, because liu’s shopkeeper became a puzzle and gambling, it gradually emptied the house.But in spite of this, Liu Fangfang side has always been an old mother in the care of.Liu shopkeeper on weekdays need to take care of the coffin shop, more time is bubble in the gambling workshop, nature is not free to tube Liu Fangfang, all her life needs, are all the old mammy care.Before her sisters and their mother were alive, Liu fangfang had not been badly fed and clothed.Even if the later liu shopkeeper lack of money, sold the valuable things in the home, the people are also demobilized, but Liu Fangfang has been around.Later, he married off both of his daughters half – sold.(Click below to read it for free.) The third book, Your Highness Is Too Fierce: Please Don’t Run, Princess!Abstract: Reborn from another world, has become a disagreeable waste.It’s not scary, but what kind of debt are these kids in?Daddy doesn’t know, but she’s gonna go straight to abandoned?A philanderer: The baby is mine.Some female eyes a drop, get a spirit planting garden, refining alchemy, but attracted each zong Jun grass to seek employment.Look at a few men with different personalities in front of you, and then look directly at your Highness…Before there is a Wolf after the tiger, some female carrying baby want to run, beg to let go!Some royal highness: za all want to entwine together from generation to generation, princess don’t be greedy for fun.Ling Ziyu dragged him to the bar outside the school.After drinking a few glasses, he just opened his mouth to ask, “Chicken little, how do you return a responsibility?Day feather seems to have not offended you, you why see somebody else not happy?””Just not pleasing to the eye.””Didn’t you so of, well end of why.Is Xuanyuan Ning pleasing to the eye?””Better than him.”Before!Ling Ziyu speechless, this is what reason ah, brother pleasing to the eye brother displeasing to the eye, at least is a brother ah.”Is it possible that Xuanyuan Ning said something?”Phoenix cang sneer 1, “you think much, he is not that kind of person.””Yo, this just cohabit how long ah, you know each other, how do you know someone else is not like that?”Ling Ziyu was teasing him.Fengcang drank and ignored him.He couldn’t explain it, but he felt he trusted the unmanly tomboy, and even wanted to protect him.Soul light, how is this weird mood to return a responsibility after all?”Chicken little, why are you so anxious today, not like you at all.It is understandable that you are a girl like this, but what are you now?Why can’t I read it?!You don’t think you have any ulterior motives for your roommate?”Puff-feng Cang mouth wine all spewed out, very accidentally spray in Ling Ziyu’s face, Ling Ziyu: “…Oh, woe to me!””You’re talking nonsense. If it’s weird, I think you’re getting too close with that sissy.”(You can read it for free by clicking below.)Your Highness: She is mine, all of it.This issue of the book list has been submitted, you bookworms, have you found your love?Pay attention to xiaobian, sea of books carefully selected, quality assurance.Leave us a comment in the comments and let’s share the good books!Muchen Yang thought of giving up Zhang Xinqi, but always love her field cool article “dear daughter-in-law zhangjia, turn a husband kind of steamed stuffed bun” he said: just want to become a close, give birth to a baby “stone xinji xuandi love” he endured humiliation for many years, the family to destroy the power minister, open xinjiang and expand soil, eventually become Ming Jun