Rebirth of Tang iii: Book 11, chapter 605

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Chapter 605: The dawn is breaking!What followed was as it had been at the beginning.Two big demon Kings from the ancestral court have come from far, but they sigh and leave.There is no reason for him, in the mouth of the dark demon demon Emperor that: “Xiuluo has died, this time to kill, as he succeeded.”After a long time.When the dawn of the dawn gradually arrived, originally is in the dark, to “metamorphosis” tang three, but also slowly open his eyes.Through the distance from dawn dawn, Tang three seems to see a further and broader future.The corners of his mouth turned slightly upward.Although on paper he “lost” this time, the reality is that the plan he envisioned was “a great success”.Everything was going exactly as he had predicted.In his plan, “xiu Luo” have to die, and must die, because, to “xiu Luo” show everything, is undoubtedly to the whole monster gens produced a huge impact, do not know the person, may not see through “xiu Luo” real strength and ability.But the real discerning person is able to see clearly, “shura” show the potential, has been enough to endanger the future monster race to the demon land absolute rule.Although the human race is “insignificant” in the eyes of the monsters, no dominant person can allow his or her dominance to “change”.They must nip it in the bud at the first sign of it, whether it is at all possible.And this is probably also that has the “destiny master” of the title of the fox big demon emperor why would acquiesce in the dark demon big demon emperor to kill the real reason.Otherwise, with the status and ability of the day fox demon emperor, he will not be able to sense all of this in advance?Of course, as the actual master of “ancestral Court”, he is not wrong to do so, because his existence is to safeguard the interests of the monster clan, only to ensure that the monster clan can not be subjected to any “subversive impact”, then everything he does will become logical.As for the so-called “fate day fox palm, peacock secretly cat”, in his view, if be able to achieve, so perfect, after all, finally is someone to share the for him, but if really no, it doesn’t hurt, after so many years, he is completely can continue to support for a long time.Even if it does not, it can support the next generation of “fox monster king”.After all, unlike the peacock race, they are truly blessed by the “whole plane force of qi”, so there is no “decline”.Even in the whole history of the birth of the monster race, the Sky Fox race has always been the pronoun of “powerful” and the indispensable existence of the whole monster race.It is not polite to say that without the “efforts” of their day fox clan, I am afraid that the whole monster clan is not now the “prosperity”.”Well, is also the early start back, but, also don’t know how to explain to the small beauty.”Tang three shadow quietly disappeared in place.(to be continued) Public number: Douluo has been authorized to this article