Paying tribute to the classic, the 22 year Land Rover Defender 110 defines the new modern luxury

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As the “spiritual totem” of the Land Rover brand, the Guardian Family has always represented land Rover’s most powerful all-terrain capabilities.Born for the spirit of adventure and the courage of discovery, the ’22 Land Rover Defender 110 extends the brand’s unwavering spirit of innovation and redefines the new modern luxury for the 21st century with a love and reverence for classics.The overall shape of land Rover Defender 110 is dynamic and full of power. It interprets the powerful field of extreme all-terrain SUV with a highly recognizable classic shape.The shape of the body is strong and strong, and the solid lines parallel to the earth contain a sense of quiet energy that seems to resist gravity.The Guardian family’s highly recognizable Alpine Light side roof window originated from an early test in the Alps, designed for viewing side mountain views from hairpin corners. It has since been inherited as a classic sign, and is also practical for lighting the car.The carefully designed pedal of the polar tiger paw print cabin cover satisfies the demand of stepping on the floor during off-road travel, and also strengthens the brand identity and sense of belonging of Land Rover.Inheriting from the whole to the details from generation to generation, the guardian family interprets the uncompromising pursuit of hard off-road.Structuralism, function first, smart design and selected materials, the interior of the 22-year-old Land Rover Defender 110 not only highlights classic heritage and British luxury, but also has a firm and resolute industrial structure design concept.The unique industrial aesthetics of the new Land Rover Defender is achieved by the selected materials and advanced interconnection technology, and the classic, pure and rich connotation of hard genes are brought into full play.The magnesium alloy double beam structure center console is based on the new structuralism design, giving consideration to luxury aesthetics and functional practicality, greatly improving the overall body strength, and the center control area including the central touch screen is perfectly integrated into the magnesium alloy frame, creating more storage space.Exposed rivets everywhere on the interior panels add a sense of reliability.Ergonomics have also been carefully considered so that both the driver and the passenger in the passenger seat can operate it freely.The powerful all-terrain capability of the 22-year-old Land Rover Warrior 110 fully meets the needs of drivers for off-road driving, and even off-road white people can face difficult situations in a leisurely manner.The new car is equipped with the second-generation all-terrain feedback adaptive system, which adds 8+1 terrain and driving modes, including automatic mode and wading mode.Among them, the automatic mode can judge the current road conditions of the vehicle through the system sensor, and autonomously choose the best terrain driving mode, so that the driver can easily enjoy the fun of off-road.The new wading mode can automatically delay the throttle response, adjust the driving height, switch the air conditioner to the internal cycle mode, lock the power transmission system and other means to ensure that the vehicle can handle the wading road conditions more easily.At the same time, the real-time wading depth will be displayed on the central control screen, enabling drivers to drive more confidently through unknown waters.After leaving the wading section, the water removal function of the brake disc will be activated, and the brake system will automatically brake slightly, removing the water vapor on the brake disc and friction plate as soon as possible, helping the vehicle to recover the best braking performance.As the first hard all-terrain SUV equipped with the Professional custom mode of land Rover All-Terrain Manager, it provides drivers with the possibility to explore richer terrain.According to personal preference or driving habits, drivers can accurately customize the power feedback, steering power value, differential locking state and the degree of involvement of tracking control system on the central control screen through the customized mode, so that the vehicle driving feedback is closer to the driver’s expectation.Equipped with intuitive and advanced core technology, the ’22 Land Rover Defender 110 is ready for new adventures.Thanks to the new electronic architecture and the powerful processing capabilities of the InControl OS 2.0 system, the new Land Rover Defender also features a 3D omni-directional body image system, which combines land Rover’s innovative all-terrain “perspective” technology to make it easier for drivers to navigate complex road conditions.The 3D omni-directional body image system captures the environment around the body in real time from a super-wide perspective through cameras installed around the vehicle, and presents it on the central control screen from a 3D overlook perspective. The driver can also zoom in to observe more detailed and clear road conditions, minimizing the risk of scratching the body.The all-terrain “perspective” technology can display the virtual picture under the car on the central control screen, so that the driver can intuitively grasp the current wheel position and road conditions, so as to choose the best driving path.In cities, the technology could also significantly reduce the risk of scratches while parking.Life is full of unpredictable challenges and dangers, and the ’22 Land Rover Defender 110 allows you to travel without worrying about the unknown.The ’22 Land Rover Defender 110’s ATPC all-terrain process control system is specifically designed for off-road and low-adhesion road conditions.It allows the vehicle to set travel speed within the speed range of 0 to 30 km/h, and the driver only needs to focus on controlling the vehicle’s trajectory, without controlling the brake and accelerator.The new Guardian is also the first land Rover to adopt the new generation of braking technology.The new technology allows the braking system to lock onto the wheel in 150 milliseconds, making it faster and safer than the 300 milliseconds or so of traditional technology.Inherited and evolved over 70 years, Land Rover Defender has been pushing the boundaries of its all-terrain capabilities.The ’22 Land Rover Ranger 110 pays tribute to the classic while challenging the tradition, integrating the original design aesthetics, and redefining the luxury all-terrain SUV with more powerful functions and superior quality.