Nets send James Harden 2 Questions remain?We can’t get out of the East without a playoff solution

2022-06-24 0 By

At the trade deadline, the Nets finally completed a trade with Philadelphia to acquire Simmons, Seth Curry and Zhuang Shen.In terms of the trio’s ability, it’s not as bad as expected, and the Nets have added a more reasonable rotation at all three positions.But for the Nets, after the trade, the real danger has not been touched, and it will be the biggest obstacle to the team’s playoff run.To be able to give harden away is the most happy thing the Nets management.Since Harden turned down the nets’ offer to sign a contract extension, the nets’ front office has realized that harden is likely to leave this offseason and that an early trade is the only way to minimize the damage.While the loss of Harden has reduced the tactical changes on the offensive end of the Nets, the stability on the offensive end has been improved, and the nets’ strength has not retreated.In addition, Simmons and zhuang Shen’s arrival, also let the nets defense can be improved.The Nets have been criticized this season in large part for their poor defense, and their recent losing streak was also a result of their inability to limit points on the defensive end.Both Simmons and Zhuang are excellent defenders and can defend multiple positions, which will help the Nets rebuild their defense.It’s important to note, however, that the real problem with the Nets’ strategy hasn’t been solved, and with durant still not having a clear timetable for his return, if the Nets falter again in the meantime, they may not even qualify for the play-offs.The Nets are currently eighth in the Eastern Conference and could be overtaken by the Hornets and Hawks if the team continues to lose.So if the Nets are going to make a dent in the playoffs, it’s going to be important to take this time to sort through the problems the team faces.First, whether Harris’s point can be filled.Harris has been sidelined for a number of games and it is unclear whether he will return this season. If he does not return this season, the Nets should find someone to replace him.While Mills and new recruit Seth Curry can both provide 3-point shooting, both lack size and will be targeted defensively.Nash’s staffing at critical moments is also a problem.Nash has been criticized extensively this season, and the Nets’ poor record is also due to Nash’s lack of on-the-spot scheduling.Especially for players like Blake Griffin and Lamarcus Aldridge, Nash did not put them in a reasonable strategy, but put them on the bench for a long time.Nash probably wouldn’t have started them had it not been for the team’s injury crisis.Like the new Nets’ Jon Trangami, Nash could cut his minutes short if he doesn’t deliver on the offensive end, leaving the team’s interior issues unresolved and the trade moot.As for the Nets, there is little time left for them to adjust to the new lineup, and the teams in front of them are gradually opening up the gap.If the Nets allow their problems to spread, they will probably fall out of the playoff race, and even then, the nets will still have enough problems to deal with.