Green yuan and talk about a yellow fall in love from the pearl, the original love is bound, White Maya should learn

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“Mirror Twin Cities” and a pair of lovers, this pair of lovers is really poor, they meet again, this thought can together grow old together, they do not know the time together is numbered.Qingyuan is empty mulberry green king, nine Yi Mountain is his territory, but he was ordered a hundred years ago, for the organ of things he knew very few.In order to save the people of Kongsang, as the offspring of the Qing family is indeed duty-bound, but the price seems too great.One hundred years ago, the Qingyuan was just a teenager, he had a hundred years of darkness, did not expect to chuang Nine Yi unexpectedly met his beloved woman, just from the pearl also love qingyuan.Qing Yuan is actually lucky, because he can find his girl, even if his life is not long, qing Yuan or can keep in the side from the bead.From the pearl is also a poor shark, her life at nine Yi King, in return for a use of the consequences.For freedom, the bead with empty mulberry and seafood large array into the organs, nine until the king thought that they will have to go back, I didn’t think they are one people, incredibly no one was injured, and green tableland saved from bead for many times, they gradually picked up the former feeling, after all, green tableland know shark person life can only love one person, he knows from the bead in the heart has its own,That’s why it all came together.From the bead is also poor, she consumes his life lit seven star lamp, did not think he is just a pawn of others, in fact, she does not care about nine Yi Wang.Because of the seven star lamp, from the bead life also came to the end, she knew that she could not live for a long time, but she still decided to talk about a yellow faint love and qingyuan, the original love is without hesitation ah!From the bead know to open the colorless city, the green yuan will disappear, not into the cycle, and her life is very short.Qingyuan and Lizhu know the end of each other, they do not care about how much time to get along with them, they just need to cherish every minute together.In fact really arashi really is a good prince, but he is not qualified, because he is emotional.True LAN gave qingyuan love a qualification, qingyuan became the king of nine Yi, and from the bead is not young and beautiful appearance, her head of white hair is old many.Who also don’t know how long they can live, and who knows tomorrow and accident which come first?But White Maya and Su mo have wasted a lot of time should be together, originally White got drunk and Su mo confessing, their feelings stable a lot of, but Su mo know the price of colorless city to reopen after he completely collapsed, from the beginning to the end he just want white Maya safe and sound!Sumo’s pain may not be understood!He knows his favorite girl step by step toward death, but also so strong and brave, he loves White, also blame White Maya did not tell him the truth.Everyone felt that if White told Su mo, colorless city reopen six Kings will be ashes, Su mo would not help White, but Su mo is not selfish people, he will be white Maya one and not to save the space of the sun’s millions of people?Su mo knows white Maya from his a lot of things, he went in anger, and also personally solved the Green Wang Chen, this is he has been looking for one hundred years of enemies, although the solution of one hundred years of hate, but for Su Mo white Maya to his harm is the biggest.Sumo had been doing what Maya White wanted, but everything he had tried so hard turned out to be for nothing.Sumo and Maya White’s love is destined to be difficult, but how lucky Maya White is!She met Sumaya, who was willing to give everything for her. Sumaya sacrificed everything for her, and finally he didn’t let go of himself. But this was a punishment for White, because Sumaya left White to die alone, leaving people always silent, leaving people who were in tears.