Chongqing a woman living indiscretions, foot three boats, his murdered daughter threw body Wujiang

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On May 7, 2008, the police in Sinan County, Guizhou Province, received a report from a villager who spotted something strange floating on the surface of the Wujiang River. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a bloated, white body that had been soaked.Police immediately cordoned off the scene and retrieved the body for an autopsy.A forensic medical examination revealed that the deceased was a female aged between 18 and 19 years, and that the cause of death was murder with a sharp object.Even more brutal, the victim was pregnant, because the body was submerged in water for several days, the scene can not find valuable clues.The police conducted an extensive search on the Wujiang River for the identities of the dead, but found nothing.The police focused on finding the biological father of the fetus.Due to the limitation of technical conditions at that time, the investigation has not made progress, and the investigation of the case is stalled.Fast forward to 2018, China’s DNA database will be improved day by day.Through Yuan mou found the victim’s father Xie Gang.Xie Gang determined the identity of victim Xie Fang, the case first dawn.Xie Gang’s words, let the case into a greater mystery.Xie gang said his daughter, Xie Fang, disappeared in April 2008, followed by his wife, Her mother, Wu Xue.Although that year reported to the police, can so far no news, now confirmed xie Fang has been killed, Whether Wu Xue is still in the world.Is there a direct connection between a body in a case, a mother and daughter missing and a mother killed?The police decided to combine the two cases, while starting from the social relationship of two people to launch an investigation, while cleaning up the local past years of missing cases and unsolved murder cases.Soon, a clue was gathered.Wu Xue once had a boyfriend in Chongqing man Deng mou.According to Deng, the two began dating in 2004, until 2008 during their breakup, Wu kept asking to break up, then they lost contact, Deng does not know where Wu xue is now.The case reached another dead end when the police thought of a solved murder.January 7, 2009 a body was found in a bag in a cave.The victim is a 40-year-old female, the body is also bone state, because of the lack of clues, the case becomes an unsolved case, the police immediately to bones made tears comparison, confirmed that he is missing ten years of Wu Xue.The police launched a further investigation.Wu Xue used to work in a shampoo house in Guangdong. She had a complicated interpersonal relationship and an open private life.Through hard carding, Wu Xue another boyfriend surfaced.On August 20, 2018, Zhang confessed that he and Wu Xue met in the shampoo room, Zhang has two children, the second child is disabled, the family burden is heavy.Wu Xue does not dislike her, two people go together very quickly.After cohabitation, Wu Xue quits the job, play cards every day, the economic burden is very heavy Zhang Mou can only work hard at the construction site, more let him hard to accept is, Wu Xue will go home every three or five, ask him to want hundreds or thousands of travel expenses every time.After the police investigation, the so-called home between wu Xue and Zhou Xuan is to go to Chongqing and Deng together, or to return to her husband Xie Gang to live for a period of time.They stayed together until January 2008, when they returned to their hometown.Zhang’s parents like Wu Xie very much, a meeting to give thousands of yuan when the meeting, and Wu Xue only stay for a day on the clamor to go to Chongqing, Zhang had to walk with.In Chongqing, Wu took out Zhang’s 50,000 yuan deposit to buy lunar New Year goods and then disappeared.Zhang lost his mind to go home, originally thought that two people ended here, before long, Wu Xue took Xie Fang back, falsely said Xie Fang is a niece.This time Wu Xue asked Zhang to help their debts, and threatened to find someone to kill him if you don’t take the money.Zhang was angry and stabbed wu Xue with a fruit knife. Zhang and his son then carried the body to the cave and dumped it, witnessing his mother killed.Xie Fang insisted on calling the police, zhang mou then painful next killer.Ignorant Zhang mou heard that this person’s eyes can record before the video, but also dig out Xie Fang’s eyes, then abandoned the body of wu.Ironically, until arrested, Zhang did not know wu Xue’s real name, wu Xue alias Wu Ying, deal with three men, resulting in the death of mother and daughter bitter fruit.So a woman must respect herself, love herself, wake up and warn herself.A moment of indulgence is not only harmful to yourself, but also to your family and friends.What do you think of Wu Xue? Welcome to leave a message in the comment section!