China firmly opposes Japan’s Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology’s attempt to distort facts, and the ROK urges it to correct

2022-06-24 0 By

South Korea expressed deep regret over the Japanese government’s decision to approve a high school textbook that distorts the facts about the forced recruitment of Korean laborers during Japanese colonial rule, and urged Japan to immediately correct the mistake, reported.Japan has approved 239 high school textbooks, some of which change the words “forced recruitment” to “mobilization” or “expropriation,” and 12 social studies textbooks that say “Takeshima (Dokdo in Korea) is Japan’s inherent territory.”Japan’s Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology has approved hundreds of high school textbooks with some historical changes, which have aroused great concern from the international community and are absolutely unacceptable to neighboring China and South Korea.As is known to all, Japan once colonized China and South Korea, and that history is unforgettable for both countries. Even up to now, the problems left over from this history have not been properly solved.Such as forced labor, comfort women, territorial disputes and so on, these are the current between Japan and China, Japan and South Korea quite contentious issues.China resolutely opposes, urged South Korea to correct as you can see, in Japan’s science ministry through these textbooks, is fundamentally distorted the facts, to the history of the Japanese crime to severe watered down, such as the “property” changed to “requisition”, “mobilization”, “takeshima”, “diaoyu island”, “four northern islands” and so on the disputed islands, as Japan’s “inherent territory”.All of these are completely in disregard of history and jurisprudence. Japan’s history of aggression and expansion is an established fact and has been recognized by the international community. There is sufficient evidence to prove the crimes committed by Japan during this period.As Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, Japan’s attempt to play with words to downplay history and evade guilt is just a self-deception, and it is a common trick to cover up the facts of its aggression.China is also firmly opposed to and unacceptable to such actions. We have lodged solemn representations with the Japanese side.Including South Korea’s foreign ministry has issued a statement, in Japan despite the fact that the behavior of the felt very sorry, and urged Japan to correct mistakes as soon as possible, face up to history, should be based on real history, for their guilt of contrition, and transmitted to the posterity of history education, let them set up correct view of history.Only in this way can relations between Japan and South Korea develop in a more constructive way.The ROK has also summoned the Japanese ambassador to South Korea and lodged a solemn representation over Japan’s actions.Takeshima and Diaoyu Islands are both inherent territories of the ROK and China in terms of history and jurisprudence. Both countries have sovereignty over these islands. Therefore, Japan’s statement itself has serious problems.Of course, no matter what Japan does with the textbooks, it cannot change this fact. It can only deceive itself.Any act of provocation against China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity will be met with a response from China. We will definitely reserve all necessary means to safeguard China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.He also urged Japan to face up to and reflect on its past crimes and deal with issues left over from history as a foundation for national progress.Japan has always been a very ambitious nation, the country has become a world power, but a real world power, is dare to face their own mistakes, if the country doesn’t even have to face up to history do, it is hard to gain more confidence in the international society, it will also become the biggest obstacle of the country’s growth path for world powers.Therefore, the country must face up to its own problems and abandon militarism in order to gain more respect from the international community.