28 point comeback, nets win again!Harden is good, irving and Nash are in an awkward position

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Beijing time on February 17, the NBA regular season continues, the Nets away to challenge the Knicks.The Nets were in eighth place with a 30-27 record and the Knicks were in 12th place with a 25-33 record. Irving won’t be able to play in New York even though the Nets are on the road, with Mills, Stephen Curry and Jon Zhuang leading the team.Throughout the first half, the Nets were overwhelmed by the Knicks, trailing by as many as 28 points, and the cameras went to Durant, who looked ugly.And starting from the third quarter, in under Johnson, zhuang god and others, the nets will catch up with 10 points or so, a critical moment to the fourth quarter, Thomas and small garage to stand up, the climax of 18-9 26-8 wipe divide the difference, small garage 3-pointer at the last minute adriano scored, cic last 6.8 seconds, Thomas 3-pointers to kill the game.In the end, the Knicks lost to the Nets 106-111 at home, with the Nets completing a 28-point comeback.For the Knicks, Randle had 31 points and 10 rebounds, Fournier had 16 points, Quakley had 18 points, six rebounds and four assists, and Walker had nine points.For the Nets, Adriano had 18 points and 10 rebounds, Thomas had 21 points and four rebounds, Stephen Curry had 20 points and six assists, Zhuang had 11 points and 19 rebounds, James Johnson had 14 points, seven rebounds and five assists, and Mills had eight points.In the last game against the Kings, the Nets ended an 11-game losing streak with the help of Steph Curry and others. Regarding Kyrie’s situation, the roster could not be stabilized due to the lack of shots. In Harden’s words, Kyrie did affect the team, but because of the performance of Kevin Durant and I on the court covered up a lot of the issues.Nash, for his part, had no way to convince Irving to get vaccinated. He had to speak out through the media, saying he hoped New York would reverse the decision.Irving continued to sit out today, and indeed, the Nets had some gains, such as zhuang’s rebound protection, including Steph Curry’s efforts to get the team together.The nets do have a lot of consistency without Kyrie. Steph’s accuracy, midrange, three-point arc, and his interaction with Lamarcus. To be honest, at this point, even if Simmons isn’t playing, the addition of Steph and Trang is a big boost for the Nets.In addition, Nash will have to adjust to Irving’s on-and-off play, and the roles of guys like Mills and Steph are completely different with or without Irving, and that can’t be changed.To be honest, the Knicks also gave the Nets too many opportunities today, the third quarter, Randle’s defensive attitude was slack, did not return to the defense in time, a number of missed matchups.The Knicks gave the Nets an extension in the first half of the third quarter, but when both reserves came on, the Nets were pulled apart again.It will involve the issue of Nash: small garage, Thomas, mills, carter, adriano this squad, the big four, two striker does have a small garage, mills, but Thomas fight alone, a reverse layup, followed, the squad no defense, no positional warfare attack space, hit the basket was Thomas cap, this kind of arrangement is in nuts.Nash had more than 30 sets of starting the season trying, the rotation is in and out, well before the sharp and Edwards and marginalized, Nash sometimes I should believe players actually, zhuang god can be a few minutes, the fourth quarter to adriano buffer time, small garage feel is so good, add some tactical coordination, actually the nets can need not so difficult.Until the fourth quarter, Nash finally realized that the problem of insufficient height, defense and James Johnson, but still pose three small defender remains unchanged, in addition to the small pool, there is no outside shooting others, in this case, if not on god to increase the pressure inside of zhuang or more ball to adebayor, let him try to post, the nets can only be opened the gap.Adelman is also a belly fire, his continuous rush to grab the front court rebound, but also can not fill in.Played until midway through the fourth quarter, small garage 18-9 and Thomas the climax of a wave of 26-8 to equalise, Nash suddenly called a timeout, was surprised, but fortunately, small garage before continuing the handle, adebayor is continuous in the basket, the nets player can very good to resolve the crisis, in the case of fast 30 points behind catch up with the lead, but from the perspective of Nash,He could make this team better.In addition, According to Nash, Simmons has yet to participate in the team practice, not to return to the exact time.The Nets are still in the same place: Durant is recovering from an injury, adjusting to new teammates;With Irving on and off, Nash has no idea how the team will handle irving’s absence or presence, or, to be precise, how to find a rotation.Finally, simmons’ return is a conundrum. When he does, is he going to be a netball dominator?How did he get along with Irving, how did he adjust to the pace of the game after not playing for most of the season?On top of that, the Nets have 14 players averaging 15 minutes or more per game this season, not counting newcomers Steph curry and Jon Trang. Nash’s lottery rotation strategy, let alone chemistry, depends on Thomas’s individual play and Steph’s shooting touch.