2022 Yinhu Year of spring coincidence, not in a hundred years, should be sunny, not overcast, bodes well this year

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Spring begins at 4:50 on the fourth day of the first lunar month, February 4, 2022!Start of Spring, which means the cold weather begins to subside and the Yang qi starts to grow and enter the warm spring.After the start of spring, the sun shines brightly and everything comes back to life.As the first solar term of spring and the beginning of farming, Start of Spring has been valued by the son of Heaven since ancient times. On this day, officials, nobles and nobles will hold various sacrificesand custom activities in the eastern suburbs to pray for good weather and a bumper harvest of crops.On the day of the start of Spring, we should hold a sentence of Awn God, whip the spring ox, bite the spring, take spring treks, eat spring cakes and so on. There are also some taboos, such as avoiding the spring, avoiding the debate of mouth and tongue, avoiding returning to her mother’s home, avoiding shaving, avoiding laziness, avoiding sleeping late and so on.These customs activities are placed on the farmers good life wishes, hope that the year can be good weather!Start of Spring is the first solar term of the 24 solar terms. It is also the first solar term of spring. As the beginning of farming, it has great significance.Working people very early through the observation of the beginning of Spring weather changes and spring solar terms and other calendar relationship, to predict the year is good or bad, agricultural arrangements also has a certain guiding significance.”The beginning of spring should be sunny and unfavorable shade” “the beginning of spring weather is sunny, 100 things good harvest” “the beginning of spring sunny day, ploughing effortless”.These agricultural idioms related to the start of Spring all mean the same thing: If it is sunny on that day, then the weather will be good, the country will be peaceful and the people will be safe, the harvest will be better, and the farmers will have enough food and live and work in peace and contentment.If the start of Spring is cloudy and rainy, then it means that the year is not very smooth, the crops will not be good.Therefore, there is also a folk saying that “sunny is everything auspicious, Yin is all sorrow”.The beginning of spring is sunny, indicating that the weather situation in early spring this year is more optimistic, the climate is warm and suitable, and it is not easy to appear inverted cold. The warm climate in early spring makes the snow and ice melt quickly, and the heat accumulated on the surface is sufficient, which is conducive to the germination and growth of fruit trees in advance, and the growth of crops, which is conducive to high yield.”In spring, farmers do not have to worry about”, “in spring, cattle will walk all over the land”, “in spring, cattle will run for rice and break their legs”, “in spring, cattle will open their mouths when they are tired”.Every year to 5969, the weather generally began to warm, there is a ballad “5969 river to see willow”, at this time, the riverside willows have sprouted, the weather is getting warmer and warmer.Due to the calendar, the beginning of Spring is either on the end of the fifth or sixth day.If the start of Spring falls on the end of May 9, it indicates that the harvest is not very good, farmers do not have enough to eat, beggars to beg for food is not good to eat, oneself have no food, but also that what alms to others!Beggars run to many places to beg for food, indicating that the overall harvest is not good.If the start of Spring on the first day of the 69 th Lunar Month, it indicates that the year is relatively good, crops have a big harvest, farmers can eat enough, there will be more surplus grain, naturally feel more comfortable.This year, the start of spring is the first day of the 69th lunar Month, and this year is sure to be a harvest year.Last year, the start of Spring was on the end of the May ninth Festival. It rained heavily and continuously in our area. The crops were flooded and the overall harvest was not good.It is hoped that farmers will have a bumper harvest with good weather this year.In the related ancient books there are divination of good or bad luck in the beginning of spring rhyme “wealth in god, ten years closely linked, only look at the beginning of spring, a and b is a good harvest, bing Ding partial drought, Wu Ji good harvest fields, Geng Xin people frequently, Liu GUI water every day”.This song formula from the beginning of spring day to see the sun column sky stem, to predict the year, to see what the weather is like that year, is beneficial to the growth of crops.On the day of the start of Spring, if you encounter the columns of Jia and Yi, jia and yi belong to wood, then that year must be a harvest year, this is the most also.In ancient times, there was no irrigation condition. Agriculture depended on the weather to eat, and crops lacked moisture nourishment. Naturally, it was not a good year, and people might go hungry.If meet wuji day, wuji belongs to soil, is relatively good, easy to plow, the harvest is also good.If geng Xin day, geng Xin is gold, it means that farmers and livestock will be more difficult, but the overall is good, but more tired.If there is a nongu day, nongu is water, more water will flood, is more rain, crops are flooded water is not too good, the harvest will be very poor.The first day of spring in 2021 is renwu, nongui is water, the year of rain is indeed more, partial waterlogging, the harvest is very poor.The beginning of spring this year is the date of the Fifth anniversary, the end of the sixth and ninth month, the overall is not bad, according to the agricultural proverb, all aspects of a good year.I hope the COVID-19 epidemic will pass as soon as possible this year, with good weather, peace and prosperity for all working people.The 2022 Winter Olympics will begin on the fourth day of the lunar New Year. Let’s wish the Olympic athletes good results.