School: The pipes are frozen and cracked, and air conditioning is being used for heating

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Ms. Li’s child is studying in Xi Xian New Area Qinhan Middle School. When the school opened on February 15, there was no heating in the classrooms and dormitories. The school used air conditioners to keep warm.Reporter help: Chinese business all media reporter contacted Ms. Li, she said, the child in the Qinhan middle school, accommodation.When school started on February 15, the child called back to say that the school was not as warm as before because there was no heating.Other parents in the class also reflected that the school heating turned off, using air conditioning heating, heating quality is not as good as heating, several children called home to say it is very cold, parents are generally worried about their children in the school cold.17 afternoon, Chinese media reporters linked to all high school responsible for logistics. Liu, qin and han dynasties, when it comes to the matter, liu said that last year December 20, they received notice, affected by the outbreak, to carry out online teaching, students back to school, since then, considering the safety and saving resources, the school is just shut down the central heating, electrical and other facilities.On February 15th, classes resumed. After investigation, they found that heating pipes and radiators were frozen and cracked. They urgently contacted the construction unit.After the term began, the school used air conditioning heating for classrooms and dormitories. After measurement, the heating temperature exceeded 18℃.The school has also reminded parents to prepare thick quilts for their children to ensure that students can live a safe and comfortable life at school.Solution: Chinese businessman all media reporter feedback to Ms. Li, she said, hope the school can ensure the quality of air conditioning heating, do not freeze children, parents will feel at ease.West is being frequent XinYuan village elevator fault residents fear residential engineering: cable has been repaired, thoroughly solve citizens reflect: liu lives in xi ‘an yanta district west being three Lucy is being XinYuan village, the village there are three elevators between 10th floor, nearly broken several times a week, 16, afternoon three elevators and broken at the same time, residents travelling, not only the safe hidden trouble that is trapped.Reporter’s help: The reporter of Huashang Daily contacted Mr. Liu and learned that the West Fengxinyuan community where he lives belongs to the settlement house of the village in the city, where he lives the villagers from Caojiapu and Zhajiapu. The elevator is inspected annually, and the latest annual inspection shows that the elevator works normally.But recently, the elevator of the 10th building keeps breaking down, often out of use, and broke down again on 16 days, three stopped, a building is 33 floors, the elderly and children who live above, the upper and lower floors are very inconvenient.Mr. Liu said that the elevator was repaired on the morning of 17th and is now normal. However, the residents of the building are still very worried about whether there will be faults behind.Later, The Reporter of Huashang Daily contacted the engineering department of the west Fengxinyuan community, and the staff said that the elevator failure in building 10 was not the elevator quality problem, but the special cable of the elevator was worn out, and the line often broke down.On The night of 16th, workers worked overnight for 8 hours and repaired all the cables. The problem was solved once and for all.Therefore, there will no longer be frequent failures of elevators in building 10.The result: The reporter of Huashang Daily reported the result to Mr. Liu, who said he was very happy that it was completely repaired, making it convenient for residents to go up and down the building and ensuring their safety.Is the air conditioner off in the subway?Xi ‘an Metro: Ventilation has been increased due to epidemic prevention. Citizen’s response: Mr. Fan takes Xi ‘an Metro Line 1 and Line 2 every day. Recently, the subway has not turned on the heating system, and it is not the time to stop heating.Reporter help: Mr. Fan said, these days he took the subway, always can feel the cold subway, the wind blowing down from above, are cool wind, blow to the head, feel very cold, “it is still winter, the temperature has not risen, I think it should open hot wind, cold wind is too cold.”A staff member in xi ‘an’s subway operation department, contacted by Huashang Daily on The morning of 17th, said that there are only two modes of air conditioning in the subway: cooling and ventilation, but no heating mode. In winter, the heating mode is heated by the seat, so there has been no hot air in the subway.After the epidemic, according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, the wind of the subway outlet was adjusted to 100% full ventilation, uninterrupted all day, so that the air flow.It used to be on and off.It is suggested that people who are afraid of cold can choose places far away from the tuyere.Solution: The reporter of Huashang Daily reported the result to Mr. Fan, who said he understood, after all, the epidemic prevention and control should not be relaxed.China Business Daily reporter Maomina