Quick look!It’s about online shopping, takeout!Effective March 15

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These days, many people choose to buy things online and order take-out instead of cooking.However, although online shopping or take-out is convenient, there are also some online disputes.In this regard, starting from March 15, the network consumption disputes and other aspects of the case to make some provisions.Below, let’s take a look at the details.1. Release: Provisions on Several Issues concerning the Application of Law to The Trial of Online Consumption Dispute Cases (I).2. Provisions: Provisions are made on the rights and obligations of buyers, identification of liability subjects, civil liabilities of takeout and other issues concerning disputes on the Internet.3, invalid: common unfair and unreasonable terms in daily life are invalid in the legal aspect. Common unfair terms include the seller has the unilateral right of interpretation, and the buyer has signed for the goods, indicating that the quality of the goods is qualified…4, unpacking: some businesses say that things can not be returned unpacking!In this regard, the latest regulations say that even if things are unsealed, but if the goods are not moved, it does not affect the second sale of goods, so, it can be returned!5, gifts: meet activities, many businesses will give some gifts, coupons or prizes.If these products cause harm to consumers, so, also should assume the corresponding responsibility!The above is the content shared today, if you encounter some unfair and unreasonable rules in online shopping, then, be sure to complain, and the latest laws and regulations to the business, legitimate protection of their rights and interests!