Our Festival Linwei District Jiefang Street: advocating civilization sacrifice to share peace qingming festival

2022-06-23 0 By

(Reporter: Wang Lin) In the morning of April 1, Linwei District Jiefang Street immediately implemented the spirit of the national, provincial, municipal and district work safety conference, concentrated in the area of work safety publicity activities, advocating civilized sacrifice, pay attention to safety and fire prevention.That morning, the liberation of the streets organized to carry out the “civilization sacrifice peace qingming festival” theme publicity activities are under way.Li Zhipeng, head of the safety supervision Station of Linwei District Jiefang Street, said: Today, the community in my street carried out the publicity activities of production safety, fire safety and civilized sacrifice in the square. The main purpose is to improve the safety awareness and ability of the residents in the area and advocate civilized, safe and environmental sacrifice.In the activities, the staff through the dissemination of propaganda color pages, enthusiastic explanation and other ways, to the residents to promote safety and fire prevention, civilized sacrifice, with practical action to change customs, advocate new wind, guide the residents to civilized, frugal, healthy way of memorial.Citizen Ms Xu: can’t fire like before, we have to respond to the government’s call, protect the environment, civilization sacrifice.Linwei District liberation street safety supervision station li Zhipeng: during the Qingming Festival, we will carry out five activities, and according to the grid to carry out checks, to ensure that the residents of the area through a civilized and safe festival.