One hundred West station | relocation news came suddenly, I am most concerned about the railway museum said for more than ten years

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Recently, nanjing public resources Trading center “Nanjing West Railway Station relocation project construction total price contract” the bidding results of a piece of news, detonated the real estate and Nanjing major headlines.The relocation project of Nanjing West Railway Station, which was scheduled to start in January 2022 and be completed in December 2023, will soon take a substantial step forward.Nanjing West Railway Station, which has been out of service for nearly 10 years since March 24, 2012, and has been in operation for 104 years, will soon be moved.Nanjing West Railway Station will also make full use of the original railway into a tram line.In the future, there will be a tram from Nanjing Railway Station to the West Station Museum, linking the cultural attractions of the Gulou Binjiang……Back ten years ago, people from the north of The South China Sea came to the West Railway Station to bid farewell to the huning Railway Nanjing Station, Nanjing Xiaguan Station and Nanjing Station, which had many names in more than 100 years.I also recall the nanjing media yangzi Evening News ten years ago, which devoted eight full pages to a special column titled “It is difficult to give up the Century-old West Railway Station”. We all wrote memories together to arouse the common memories of “me” and the West Railway Station.Perhaps it is because it has been too long for me to say goodbye. The relocation project of the West Station comes so suddenly. What will the future look like for nanjing Railway Museum, which I have been talking about for more than a decade?I can’t help but worry a little, won’t be “protective” destroy……To tell the truth, in the years after the west Railway Station was shut down, I entered the station countless times to visit the “vicissitudes of life old man”, and also accompanied friends from other places to Ning many times in the West railway station “back to the Republic of China”, “towards the Republic of China”, it is because I love the West railway station, I love Nanjing!Now, I will remember the west Railway Station and remember the past with my notes on the running water of many visits to the station.Nanjing West Railway Station, Nanjing passenger section staff canteen, the former west station waiting hall.Nanjing passenger section of China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., LTD., the former office building of Nanjing Railway Branch of Shanghai Railway Bureau.May 11, 2019, Saturday, fine.At four o ‘clock in the afternoon, I drove to nanjing West Railway Station alone.I wanted to take a look at a short stretch of abandoned railway under the former Huimin Avenue viaduct leading to the railway bachelor apartment, but when the car stopped, I suddenly changed my mind.After taking several pictures of the abandoned railway in front of the station, I looked at the solemn “Nanjing” on the opposite side of the square and the vague and uncertain words of Dahua Hotel below. Then I walked around to the original passenger exit on the south side of the West Station, and greeted a master at the gate, who was very frank and let me into the station platform.Huimin Avenue overpass xiaming Province Railway (Beijing Railway) abandoned railway line, from the southwest side of the West station to the river.Nanjing West station square opposite the solemn “Nanjing”, vague is “Dahua hotel”?The station, more than a dozen lines of track, coldly arranged.The platform, too, was empty.What about the nanjing Railway Museum?How is catenary, is high pole electrification transformation?Was there a change of plans?There is only one electric car on platform 4 of Nanjing West Railway Station.The century-old concrete column, steel and wood mixed structure “Y” platform canopy, empty.Only the cold rows of tracks and the signal lights glowed blue.Master Zhou, the switchman, will retire in a few years, and now he must stand his last watch.Master Chow got a signal. Traffic is approaching. He’s turning the switch.Go to the original Nanjing West station no. 4 platform, the north side of the platform of the road class room wall “a station two look three through” the words are particularly eye-catching, I was taking lu to 120 camera focus, switchman Zhou master walked out, so I shot while chatting with Zhou Master.That the west station is now only three trips a day to work and go to work of the traffic car, each trip of the commuter car also only three or four vehicles.As he spoke, he received a signal that a car was coming and he was going to pick it up.Originally, dongfeng DF11-0006 diesel engine (we usually call him “lion”) enter the field, may be nanjing East station station staff off work, or Shanghai-Nanjing line off work passenger section “sports car” girls back to the single dormitory.I don’t know what the lion driver and Master Zhou are talking about.The driver of “Lion” DF11 looks a little lazy in the early summer sunset.Young men walking down Jehol Road wrote “I’ve been here” and “Believe in the future” on dusty glass Windows.”Have reason, I love Nanjing”, “hello and goodbye”!A few minutes later, the station was quiet again.At the empty station, a few stray dogs were scrambling for a bag of food thrown down by the staff and gobbled it up.After that, he was back to being a lazy dog.A setting sun shines on the mottled iron lattice Windows at the gate, above which several wenqing walked through the Rehe Road came to the West station left “I love Nanjing”, “turn over a new leaf”, “keep rational”, “believe in the future”, “hello goodbye”……To continue the slow time, perhaps so, a few words, a quiet.