Notice: Guangchang electric motorcycle driving license road practice test has been officially launched on February 9

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By the city public Security Bureau traffic police detachment acceptance of provincial public Security Bureau traffic bureau for record approval, Guangchang county electric motorcycle driving license road practice test has been officially launched on February 9, please have passed the theory of the test students timely and reasonable arrangements for the test.In addition, for the electric motorcycle test driving license problem how to test, there have been a lot of people asked, here carefully sorted out the electric motorcycle test driving license super detailed guide, there is demand to view.At present, electric bikes are divided into electric bikes, electric mopeds and electric motorcycles. In addition to electric bikes, other two kinds of electric mopeds and electric mopeds need to obtain the corresponding motorcycle driving license F and E.Two: electric motorcycle driving license registration process and registration need to provide information 1, the original identity certificate;2. Motor vehicle driving license (no driving license does not need to be provided, holding other quasi-driving type driving license needs to provide the original holding driving license), the issuing authority for driving license outside Fuzhou city needs to be transferred to the local, driving license address is inconsistent with the ID card address needs to be consistent.3. 10 one-inch color bareheaded photos with white background.4. Physical examination form (issued by qualified medical institutions).Note: Traffic police brigade hospital physical examination center, county hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine, traffic police brigade second floor DMV, Huida driving school, county government service center hall of the self-service physical examination machine can be handled.Note: registration for all business can be in guangchang County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade on the second floor of the vehicle management office, including: physical examination → collection of photos → window acceptance → window booking → payment → theoretical examination (traffic police brigade accident processing center hospital) → road practice test (Hui da driving school) → system certificate.Driving license registration address: Guangchang County Public Security Bureau Traffic police brigade vehicle management bureau tel: 0794-3626419 Driving license test process test content: electric motorcycle driving license test is divided into subjects one, two, three and three subjects of safe and civilized driving common sense test.Before the test, it is recommended to download the driving school Yidiantong APP for theoretical test practice.Subject 1: Theory examination includes: road passage, traffic signals, traffic safety illegal behaviors and traffic accident handling, motor vehicle driving license application and use, motor vehicle registration and other road traffic safety laws, regulations and regulations;90 points qualified.Course 2: Field driving skills test includes: pile test, fixed stop and start on ramps, single side bridge;80 points qualified.Subject 3: Road driving skills test includes: simulated night lighting test, getting ready to get on the bus, starting up, driving in a straight line, changing lanes, passing an intersection, shifting gears 100 meters, and pulling over;90 points qualified.Subject 3: Safety and civilized general knowledge examination includes: safe and civilized driving operation requirements, bad weather and complex road conditions of safe driving knowledge, tire explosion and other emergency handling methods and traffic accident after the disposal of knowledge;90 points qualified.Subject one and subject three civilized driving examination room specific address: Guangchang County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade accident squadron hospital (Sand Ling minsheng roadside);Contact Number: 0794-3626419 Subject 2 and subject 3 Road driving skills test venue Specific address: Guangchang County Huida Driving School (next to the county Meteorological Bureau) Contact number: 0794-3611118, test time specific arrangements:Subject 1 and Subject 3 civilized driving Theory tests are conducted every morning on weekdays, and road practice tests are conducted every Wednesday (except holidays).