How often should the transmission oil be changed?

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Gearbox, chassis, engine car three major know, but the auto repair line of the door to understand all understand, do not understand the layman’s trick in the routine, frequent pit.For example, in order to charge the owner more money, some repair shops often tell the owner that 20,000 kilometers will change a gearbox oil, and each time the replacement of gearbox oil will waste about 800 yuan.But the fact is that the gearbox oil is changed too often, which is of no use. The oil poured in the last time is changed out before lubrication is good. Frequent replacement of gearbox oil is not only a waste of money but also a lot of trouble.So the question is, since you don’t have to change it often, how often is appropriate?Because the replacement cycle of motor vehicle transmission oil is different because of different models and design requirements, there is no unified standard for replacement time. The accurate way is to look at the maintenance manual of your car. If the replacement mileage or service time is clearly given in the vehicle manual, you can perform according to the standard.If there is no such indicator in your vehicle maintenance manual or you accidentally lost the manual, you can refer to this standard and determine the oil change time according to the gearbox type:Manual transmission suggest 3 years or 50000 kilometers in transmission oil AT the gearbox suggests three years or 60000 kilometers in CVT transmission oil and DSG dual-clutch gearbox suggested four years or 80000 kilometers in a think the gear crude oil if driving and cold start off weakness, easy skid, namely mileage does not meet, AT that time, you should also check whether the transmission oil needs to be replaced.The price of transmission oil is not cheap. The price of transmission oil for automatic transmission models is about 80 yuan a liter. Some owners are cheap and use transmission oil with a very low price.How to distinguish true and false oil: 1, smell oil smell: genuine oil has a burnt taste;2, look at the liquidity of oil: genuine oil “hanging bottle”, for a long time is not net;3, look at the oil bubble: real oil after shaking, very rare bubble;4, look at the viscosity of oil: genuine oil is not easy to remove, can draw.Many car friends reflect that every time they go to do maintenance, they always suggest changing the transmission oil, changing at least 800 yuan, and going back and forth several times is also thousands of times.At this point, there are a few things you should pay attention to.Most of the general car owners choose to replace the gearbox oil in the 4S shop, because the 4S shop will use the original gearbox oil tank, of course, if the repair shop is replaced, the owner needs to pay attention to the problem of the gearbox oil label.In addition, the method of replacing the gearbox is also very key. In many cases, the gearbox oil is not clean, which has a great impact on the future use.