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With zhi as the heart, with friends.Hello, this is best Friend voice edition!Today, what we want to share with you is Yu Menghui’s article – “The brilliance of the Party shines on my heart”.Opening the “Beijing Annals – disabled people’s Cause”, fingertips touch page after page of records about the cause of the disabled, at this moment, MY mood is very excited, my thoughts floated to more than 30 years ago…On an ordinary day in 1990, my mother looked expectantly at the doctors in front of her, hoping to see if they could help me with my lack of speech.At that time, my mother cried. She was sad that the child she held in her hands would never hear the beautiful sounds of the world with her own ears or say “Mother”.When people around me heard about it, some persuaded my parents to send me to a school for the deaf to learn sign language, some advised me to get in touch with the welfare factory so that I could have a job in the future, and some persuaded my parents to have another child.My parents were confused. They did not want their children to need government relief and family care for a lifetime, but “ten deaf and nine dumb” was the common view of deaf people in that era!By chance, my mother met Wan Xuanrong, the pioneer and founder of the rehabilitation of deaf children in China, in the Working People’s Cultural Palace. At that time, she was working hard for the rehabilitation of deaf children.The sight of the deaf children around Mr. Wan, one by one, speaking gave my mother hope.My mother resolutely sent me to the Wan Xin Kindergarten founded by Teacher Wan to receive language rehabilitation training.With scientific early rehabilitation intervention, I was soon able to speak and could clearly call out “Mom” and “Dad”!However, wanxin Kindergarten is too far away from my home. It takes 5 hours to pick me up every day.After several inquiries, my family learned that dongming Kindergarten, not far from my home, is a kindergarten specializing in rehabilitation training and preschool education integration for deaf children.Therefore, I transferred to Dongming Kindergarten to continue to receive language rehabilitation training, and gradually, from speaking to freely communicating.Years later, I joined the disabled persons’ federation family, became a disabled workers, systematic understanding of the development of undertakings for disabled persons, just know, in the concern from the party and the government, disabled persons’ federation organization after the establishment of the first cause is the search for deaf children rehabilitation engineering, in the joint efforts of all teachers of disabled workers, tens of thousands of aphasia in deaf children,Rescued from the world of silence to the world of sound!In particular, Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation piloted rehabilitation for deaf children in Dongming Kindergarten, which organically combined rehabilitation intervention with preschool education, and lived and studied with deaf children, laying a solid foundation for deaf children to receive integrated education.Three years of rehabilitation time quickly passed, see around the small friends have entered the primary school, I asked my mother: “DO I also go to school at the door?”My mother told me that the Party and the government are very concerned about the education of deaf children. In order to let us learn better, the Education Commission and the DISABLED persons’ Federation have specially coordinated the deaf children with better language ability to be enrolled in ordinary schools. I nodded, vaguely understanding.When I entered the ordinary school, the teachers took good care of me and arranged my desk in the first and second rows to make sure THAT I could hear the teachers clearly.My studies were heavy, and when I couldn’t keep up with them, my teachers would give me extra lessons in their spare time to help me keep up with the teaching progress.Ears after wearing a hearing aid because I still can’t hear the radio voice, cause I can’t play English listening test actual level, school to my predicament, initiative after coordination, specially arranged for two teachers when test the English test, oral hearing examination questions, let me finish English listening test, admitted to the ideal high school.Prepare the university entrance exam, I secretly efforts, full of expectation, rehabilitation and learning for so many years, the test papers and time, but when faintly heard that some refuse to enroll in colleges and universities to achieve fractional line deformity examinee, my unavoidable tension and fear, afraid of the twelve years of effort, but because of my hearing impairment were at a crucial moment shattered!I will always remember one summer morning, my teacher gave me a copy of Beijing Youth Daily, with an exciting title printed in eye-catching font: “Students with disabilities must not be rejected for admission to colleges and universities.” The teacher joked, “Nothing can stop us from going forward!”Recall here, tears blurred my eyes, I deeply feel the party and the government care for the disabled!Every step played a key and important role in my academic career: early rehabilitation advocacy enabled me as a child to seize the opportunity for salvage rehabilitation.The pilot class gave me a chance to grow up with ordinary kids.Teachers’ targeted guidance and convenient listening test services enabled me to successfully enter high school and stand in front of the threshold of the college entrance examination.The college entrance examination recruitment system has broken down barriers in the top-level design, enabling me to pursue my dream on an equal basis with the healthy listening candidates under the same sky!Under the care of the Party, I was admitted to a university in 2005 to study history. The DISABLED Persons’ Federation provided me with a timely subsidy to encourage me to continue to study hard.At school, I won scholarships for many times and was rated as an outstanding graduate. I am determined to be engaged in historical and cultural conservation work in the future.However, in the year of my graduation in 2009, the global financial crisis caught up with employers to reduce recruitment positions or even stop recruitment plans. The employment situation was not clear, and I was faced with the dilemma of “unemployment upon graduation”.At that time, the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Government issued the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of The Cause of The Disabled”, taking “Actively promoting the employment of the disabled” as an important measure to improve the livelihood of the disabled.The following year, xicheng District Disabled Persons’ Federation recruited disabled workers from all over the district. I passed the written test and interview with excellent results and became a disabled worker.Every day I work at the Street Disabled Persons’ Association, I am always moved by something.Struggling in the front line of serving the people, daily contact with the joys and sorrows of the disabled, daily work practice, my understanding of the Communist Party of China, passion for the disabled, disabled brothers and sisters, gradually deepened, rooted in my heart growth.I saw with my own eyes that, under the guidance of the Party, the Neighborhood Disabled Persons’ Federation and community disabled persons’ workers visited the families of disabled persons to understand their special difficulties and actual needs in detail. They took the care of each disabled person and sent them needed goods and services in time.I heard with my own ears that, under the care of the Party, the problems and difficulties of disabled people and their families have been effectively solved. They grasped the hands of disabled workers and thanked them sincerely: “Without the care of the Party and the government, without your earnest implementation, I might not survive this difficult time!”I have personally experienced that under the leadership of the PARTY, one policy after another has been introduced to give preferential treatment to the disabled:Living subsidies alleviate the economic difficulties of the disabled, rehabilitation services let the disabled regain new life, employment support to help the disabled self-reliance, warm home to promote the integration of the disabled into society, vocational rehabilitation to provide daytime care for the intellectual and spiritual disabled, barrier-free transformation to solve the disabled home safety and travel problems……Four years in the streets of disabled workers, let me once again witnessed the communist party of China special care for disabled people, once again saw the disabled career efforts forward, the change of the spirit is more and more confident, also from every disabled workers, deeply felt sense of mission and sense of responsibility and sense of belonging for the disabled.The year 2013 witnessed the high-quality development of the cause of the disabled in China.This year, the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and other departments jointly issued the Opinions on Promoting Proportional Employment of Persons with Disabilities, making it clear that “Party and government organs, public institutions and state-owned enterprises should take the lead in arranging employment for persons with disabilities.”This year, the Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation recruited civil servants with disabilities.As a disabled worker, I saw the party attaches great importance to the employment of the disabled, feel the party to the disabled to realize their own value of the talk, I hope to be in a broader stage, give play to their own strength, for the well-being of the majority of disabled!Through hard work, I passed the written test and the interview, and became a disabled civil servant, engaged in the social security work for the disabled in the Education and Employment Department of the Municipal Federation of Disabled Persons.At first, I encountered many difficulties that deaf people could not overcome in my work — making phone calls, which is an indispensable communication tool in the workplace. For a time, I held back and wanted to become an “invisible person” in telephone communication, until I read the legendary story of “Dumb Red Army” :A not speak can’t hear others speak, write more ordinary farmers will not sign language, but because of firm in the faith of the revolution, and loyalty to become a red army, follow the main body long journey, from a small porters to become a central JingBeiTuan cookhouse squad fighter, the epitome of his life is the struggle of the communist party of China,It also embodies the great spirit of party members who are not afraid of hardships and strive hard!I was so ashamed of myself that I decided to learn from revolutionary martyrs and outstanding Party members and hold myself to a higher standard.With the encouragement of my leaders and colleagues and the company of my family and friends, I insisted on making phone calls. My efforts paid off and I finally realized that I could communicate on the phone independently without the help of others!More let I touched, leadership did not because I am disabled and distrust, entrusts with an important task, I participated in the study and formulation of disabled social security policy, the draft with two subsidy system files for the disabled, when see benefited range and the most influential of the disabled welfare policy have my participation in a strength, I’m glad my life value got the concrete embodiment,I am grateful to the Party and the government for their special care and attention to the cause of the disabled, as well as their attention and training, which has helped many disabled people like me realize their Own Chinese dream!Now, under the leadership of the PARTY, the cause of the disabled is flourishing.Through successive disabled workers strive, pass on, the capital undertakings for disabled persons, establish to form the urban and rural integration, features prominent, pratt &whitney sharing system of comprehensive security system for the disabled, disabled children compulsory education to realize “zero reject”, party and government organs to take the lead to select civil servants historic breakthrough for the disabled, more than 30 persons with disabilities have the civil service jobs,The coverage of rehabilitation services reached nearly 100%, with friendly homes and vocational rehabilitation stations providing services at the nearest location. Solid progress was made in the campaign to build a barrier-free environment.More and more disabled people are actively involved in the economic and social reform and development, from passive relief and help to self-improvement struggle, with their own hands to create a better life, with their own ability to add luster to the motherland.Under the leadership of the Great Communist Party of China, I will work harder to advance hand in hand with all of you and write a glorious chapter in the cause of the disabled in the capital.Source: “Friend” author: Yu Menghui voice: Chen Guang Editor: Xuan Wen Department