Five small vacation 5 days to zhangjiajie travel how to arrange?

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about mountains?Huangshan mountain, Changbai Mountain, or the Himalayas at the end of the world are not for me. What I like most is zhangjiajie’s high mountains and strange peaks and rocks.In the May Day holiday last year, I went to Zhangjiajie to see mountains and rivers with my friends. Before that, I often saw many friends saying that Zhangjiajie has many tourist pits, so I was afraid of stepping on pits when I went to play by myself. So AFTER doing a lot of strategies, I found a travel agency online to help arrange this trip.To help us arrange the trip is the travel custom designer Xiao Xin, a very patient little sister, is also very professional.We spent 5 days in Zhangjiajie. She arranged the whole trip for us and visited all the scenic spots we wanted to visit.During the May Day holiday, the hotel and tickets were very tight. Fortunately, we found her and the hotel and tickets were arranged for us in advance.Recently I saw a lot of friends looking for a tour guide to Zhangjiajie, I decided to share my trip with you, hoping to provide some help to you.How to get there: We went from Changsha to Zhangjiajie, which took about 4 hours by bullet train.Now zhangjihuai high-speed railway has opened, it is more convenient to travel from Changsha to Zhangjiajie, and the time has been shortened.There are also two ways to get from Changsha to Zhangjiajie by train and plane, but high-speed rail is the most convenient.The first day: We arrived in Zhangjiajie at about 5pm, and the travel agency arranged a driver to take us to the hotel.After a short rest in the hotel, we went out for dinner. In the evening, we walked around the south gate of Zhangjiajie, tasted the local characteristic food and had a look at the night scene of Zhangjiajie.The next day: early in the morning, we went to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, where there is the world’s most glass bridge. Standing on the glass bridge, under the foot of the cliff, overhead blue sky and white clouds, it was very exciting.Bungee jumping can also be experienced by those who are not exciting enough. For example, I am not brave enough to try bungee jumping.After descending from the bridge, you enter the Grand Canyon, where you can listen to a babbling brook, see the strange rock cliffs on both sides, and take a boat tour to close out the day.Day 3: We went to the natural oxygen bar in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.The environment here is really good, the forest is full of lush trees, and there are small streams.Forest park has a high content of negative oxygen ions, which is ideal for a lung cleaning trip here.The wild monkeys in the forest park are very many, with snacks friends must pay attention to, or it is easy to come to a monkey war.Day 4: Go to tianmen Mountain scenic area located in the center of Zhangjiajie. It is recommended to take the cableway up the mountain. As the cableway slowly rises, the real face of Tianmen Mountain will gradually appear in front of you, feeling very spectacular.Tianmen Mountain also has many scenic spots, including ghost valley boardwalk, glass boardwalk and tianmen Cave, each of which can refresh your definition of extreme scenery.After descending from Tianmen Mountain, we took a bus to Furong Ancient Town. When we arrived, it was just dark and we encountered the amazing night scenery of Furong Ancient Town.The old town hangs above the waterfall and lights up at night, like the world of the comic book spirited Away.Day 5: We wake up in the morning of furong ancient town, which is less busy and noisy at night. After eating a bowl of rice tofu, we start to go to the next destination.The final destination of this trip is the ancient city of Phoenix, a small town written by Shen Congwen, which is very beautiful to see in the book, so THIS time I will have a look in person.The buildings in the city have their own characteristics, such as tujia stilted buildings, wind and rain Bridges, and ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties.Friends who like to take photos can also wear ethnic costumes to take photos and experience the feeling of being a tujia sister.After seeing the Ancient City of Phoenix, our trip is over, 5 days is a great experience.Finally xiaobian to remind you of the holiday travel matters needing attention: 1, ID cards, student cards, etc., these necessary documents must be prepared in advance, forget when the time will be very troublesome.2, the first time to Zhangjiajie must do a good job in advance, to avoid stepping on pits, beware of being cheated.3, The scenic spots in Zhangjiajie are scattered, and you will sit until you collapse when you play by car. It is suggested to find a reliable travel agency and arrange the trip for you by car. Rabbit housekeeper is a very good choice.4, holiday travel, tickets, hotels, tickets must be booked in advance, if you go temporarily is likely to have no ticket.The above is a xiaobian play experience to share, if you think that xiaobian share can help you travel, you can give xiaobian like and favorites.Friends who want to travel to Zhangjiajie can also pay attention to rabbit housekeeper, schedule to them, save money and worry