4 years old boy bladder long stone, unexpectedly because of this bad habit

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Recently, a 4-year-old boy from Lianyungang, Xiaojie (pseudonym), went to the hospital for an examination because of stomach pain and found that he had two stones in his bladder. After surgery, the stones were removed successfully.It is understood that such a small child long stone is mainly related to a bad habit with him, that is, long-term do not drink water.A week ago, a four-year-old boy was having fun at home when his son began to roll on the floor, complaining of a stomachache.The mother stepped forward to check, thinking that the child was frozen belly, hurriedly help rub the stomach, hot compress, take the child to squat in the toilet, the results can think of ways to think, is no use.Mother immediately took xiaojie to lianyungang City first people’s Hospital for treatment.The hospital urology director Gu Shaodong received, after careful physical examination and CT diagnosis found that xiaojie’s bladder actually long 2 large stones.After the inquiry, xiaojie mother told the doctor, Xiaojie never drink water, every day crazy run to play sweating also said he was not thirsty, although adults are very worried, but the child insisted that not thirsty, also did not care too much.Fearing further damage from moving stones, Gu suggested emergency surgery to remove the stones.▽ After complete preoperative preparation during the operation, Gu Shaodong decided to take transurethral cystoscope holmium laser lithotripsy to remove stones in xiaojie’s body immediately.During the operation, Gu shaodong extended the cystoscope through two small holes and found a stone about 1.4cm in Xiaojie’s bladder.Gu deftly removed the stones, then used the holmium laser to break them into powder and pass them out of the body. The process went smoothly.But another stone stumped him.On CT examination before surgery, both stones appeared to be in the bladder, but during surgery, one of the 1.4-cm stones was found hidden in xiaojie’s left ureter, which was only 3-5 mm wide.The removal of this stone required the placement of a ureteral stent to remove the stone, but at this time, the granulation tissue around the ureter edema was severe, and cystoscopy was almost impossible to complete.How to do?With their brains racing, Gu and other doctors finally decided to use laparoscopic ureterolithotomy.Finally, after 4 hours of intensive surgery, the power of holmium laser and the combination of cystoscope and laparoscope, all the stones were eliminated and the operation was successful.Xiao Jie is only 4 years old. How could such a small child have stones?Gu Shaodong introduces, urinary system stone is to point to the small stone in kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra, it is a kind of easy relapse disease.The etiology is related to living habits, eating habits and other organ diseases. The most common living eating habits include drinking less water, insufficient protein intake and insufficient nutrition.Xiaojie’s condition is mainly caused by his long-term bad habit of not drinking water.Gu Shaodong reminds: for small volume, mobile urinary calculi, may cause local tissue damage;Long-term kidney stones may cause hydronephrosis, dysuria, renal atrophy, renal function reduction, renal tubular necrosis, and even loss of renal function, and may seriously lead to renal insufficiency, renal function decline, or even uremia, endangering life.Therefore, we must drink more water and exercise more in our daily life to prevent stones.Patients who have been diagnosed with stones should also be actively treated, not dragged into a major disease.Source: Modern Express