Zhaokua Town: actively respond to low temperature weather frost prevention, disaster reduction and seedling protection

2022-06-22 0 By

In order to cope with low temperature rain and snow freezing weather, to ensure the safety of flue-cured tobacco seedling, Luliang County zhaokua tobacco station attaches great importance to, rapid response, developed a series of disaster prevention and mitigation measures, to ensure the smooth development of flue-cured tobacco seedling work.After received a cold wave warning messages, called kua town quickly called villages (house), secretary of the committee, long points, technology officer, seedling raising farmer held an emergency meeting, notified the extreme weather conditions, speak clear through the weather changes on the importance of the work and ensure the effect of branch-cutting seasonal, detailed technical measures, the deployment mobilization disaster prevention and mitigation work.Villages (r) committee and town of smoke, smoke stand, cooperative, professional and other relevant personnel to fully prepare for freeze protection and mitigation of protection, serious screening all of points, reinforcing YuMiaoPeng internal support, and with a clean before temperatures in waste plastic, old linen sheets, straw, straw mat finish YuMiaoPeng insulation cover, examine the water at the same time, strict membrane compaction pool,For the seedlings with poor drainage, dig ditches around the seedling bed, remove ice and snow melt water in time, and improve the seedling bed temperature.And to nursery point as a unit, the establishment of 24 hours on duty system, technicians inspect not less than 5 times a day, town tobacco office, tobacco station, cooperative inspection not less than 2 times a day and report the inspection situation to the next level.Through the joint efforts of all forces, all seedling points in Zhaokua town have implemented the specific measures in a high standard to ensure that seedling work will not be affected.Correspondent: Liu Jianhua Editor: Chen Yitong, Zhang Jingheng: Liu Liangwei