What are the names of the descendants of Yan emperor and Yellow Emperor?

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The descendants of The Yan Emperor and the Yellow Emperor are called the Yan and Huang Descendants, or Chinese children.It can be said that every Chinese is the offspring of Yan Emperor and Yellow Emperor.Four or five thousand years ago, there were many primitive tribes in the Yellow River valley of China. Yan Emperor and Huang Emperor were the leaders of two tribal alliances.In legend, Emperor Yan, also known as The Shennong family, was born in Jiangshui.Before Yandi, people to hunt wild animals for a living, later due to the population surge, only hunting has not been able to fill the stomach, so Yandi supported the trees lei si, teaching people to plow, solved the food problem, Yandi is therefore known as the god of agriculture.It is understood that medicine is also invented by Yan Emperor, in order to treat people, Yan Emperor search around can cure herbs.He traveled mountains and mountains, painstaking, picking and tasting all kinds of weeds, to identify their medicinal properties, because he always tested the drugs, poisoning is common.Later, when he died from eating a poisonous herb, people honored Him as the God of medicine.Huang Di’s original family name was Gongsun, and later changed his family name, which was also known as Xuanyuan because he lived in xuanyuan Hill, and because his tribe was named Youxiong, it was also known as Youxiong.Legend has it that the Yellow Emperor was born with an electric vision, a spirit of god, and quickly learned to speak.When he grew up, he was elected chief of the tribe because of his superior intelligence.In fact, Huang Di and Yan Di were half brothers, and the two tribes got along very well.However, as the population of the two tribes continued to grow, they began to expand eastward, and the Yandi tribe moved south of the Yellow River, eventually reaching what is now Shandong Province.The Yellow Emperor tribe expanded to the north of the present Yellow River.The land in the lower reaches of the Yellow River is fertile and the climate is mild, which is suitable for both animal husbandry and farming, providing good natural conditions for the development of the two tribes.Later, another powerful tribe, the leader of the tribe called Chiyou, formed the form of three-legged confrontation.As Chiyou took the lead in making bronze ware, its strength was much stronger than the other two tribes.Later, three tribes for resources mutual warfare, but only Chiyou successive successive.In the end, Chiyou defeated Yan Emperor and seized a large area of territory between the Central Plains and the sea, and firmly controlled the sea salt on which people relied for survival.Yan huang two people without salt supplement, people are in danger.But at this time, the salt water lake was found in the e. Spring, and the two Emperors fought each other for their tribes, and then launched the civil war.Until later they woke up, two people together against the enemy, the final victory over Chiyou.Tiger brothers, father and son soldiers, so far formed the Yan Huang tribe.