Teng potential MPV have come, BYD landing ship can be late?

2022-06-22 0 By

Needless to say, with two or three one-child policy be born, MPV market is increasingly hot, has like the modern library way, kia ka wah new MPV models into the bureau.However, it is strange that in the development of new energy cars and SUVs today, there is little new energy MPV figure.Therefore, many consumers began to byd in the previous exposure of high-end MPV models – landing ship full of expectations.However, recently, we did not wait to byd landing ship’s latest spy photos, but to teng potential exposure of the new MPV model.In some ways, we can also equate Denza, which is 90% owned by BYD, with BYD. Or is denza’s new MPV a sibling of BYD’s landing ship?On December 24 last year, BYD has formally reached a new agreement with Mercedes Benz on the redistribution of Denza’s equity. It is clear that in the new equity, BYD and Daimler will hold 90% and 10% of Denza’s shares respectively, which means that the future development of Denza will be led by BYD.February 14 this year, the new Teng potential car sales service Co., Ltd. was formally established, and from the latest announcement, Teng potential for BYD auto Industry Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary.This means that the potential car room will become the byd new high-end brand, and formal has its own sales network, and from byd high-end brand in the process of chang-jiang zhao, director of the office on weibo, but also confirm the smoke coming as byd’s high-end brand, to make up for the lack of byd in the high-end market of their products.Thus, teng potential MPV has come, BYD landing ship believe will soon show in our eyes, although we can not know the details of the landing ship, but we can know from teng potential new MPV byd next to MPV in a series of actions.According to Zhao Changjiang on his Microblog, the new Tengze MPV will be designed by a new dedicated team, most likely with a 2+2+3 layout, while taking into account the comfort of the third row.In addition, the new car will have the best ground clearance of 15cm, air suspension, premium sound system and other high-end features.Most importantly, Tengza MPV will have pure electric and plug-in version of two versions, which plug-in to have 200km pure electric endurance, at the same time to have 800-1100km comprehensive endurance level;The battery-only version has a range of 500-800km.Of course, these are only based on his personal statement and some netizens’ suggestions, the actual vehicle parameters have not been released.However, if these functions can be achieved, teng POTENTIAL MPV is bound to be a comfortable, performance, luxury, intelligent in one of the high-end new energy MPV, or very people look forward to.Here we have to say that after BYD got the absolute control of Tengza, Tengza can be said to really take off, although tengza was founded at the beginning, backed by Mercedes Benz and BYD, the two car giants, image is known as a brand born on the shoulders of giants.One mountain can not allow two tigers, because of the joint venture, whether Mercedes or BYD, will not invest too much resources to Teng potential, Teng potential has always been like a malnourished child, in the brand can not get the essence of Mercedes Benz, in the technology can not get the support of BYD, the development of these years is really not ideal.In the end, it is a good thing for Denza to become a high-end sub-brand of BYD. Although we can’t wait for the BYD MPV landing ship we want, the new Denza MPV is also quite good. Moreover, as the first product of BYD’s new energy high-end MPV market, even if the initial sales are not satisfactory,But also can impart experience to BYD landing ship, double insurance always can’t go wrong.So for denza’s new MPV, do you think it will be a hit?