Her mother-in-law sent a box of special products from her hometown and cooked the dinner with them

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My mother-in-law sent a box of local specialties from her hometown and cooked the dinner with it.The dinner was a three-course home-cooked meal, two of which were made from her mother-in-law’s specialties, without paying for them.Last week, we often talked with my mother-in-law on wechat. She said, “We just made bacon, bacon and sausage. You can go home and taste it during the Spring Festival.””I really want to go home immediately, there is still more than a month before the Spring Festival holiday,” two days later, we got a specialty from her mother-in-law, are all our favorite hometown specialty, bacon, bacon, sausage are made by her mother-in-law, so she hurried to call her mother-in-law, “didn’t you say the Spring Festival is left?Why are they all here?”Grandma said: “There is still a month before the Spring Festival, you can make bacon, while eating fresh is better,”.My mother-in-law is very hard-working, she put the pack neatly in the home, her mother-in-law had good food, every time we go home, always give us a guest house of bean curd, steamed meatball son, salt, chicken, pork bellies of chicken, etc., to say the food I miss her mother-in-law, particularly around her mother-in-law lives in a week, every time I fat more than 3 kg, can’t help but eat more at a time, back to her home to trying to lose weight.Compared with fresh fish, the smell of dried things is more, and the meat of fish is more firm. I like bacon the most. This time, grandma sent a bag of bacon about a kilo, there are four bacon, sausage is a bag, these three are made by grandma.I use the circle of friends to dry these specialties, friends say I have a good mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law are good relationship.This is my family’s dinner today, including steamed chicken, bacon, fried dried bean curd and fried zucchini. These three dishes are common home dishes, but they cannot be traded for money. Bacon and dried bean curd are all special products sent by my mother-in-law.I cherish the specialty of this box and also want to try bacon and bacon, because the portion of bacon is very small, so if you steam a plate of bacon, there is only half bacon left in that bag, I use a quarter of the bacon with the bacon.The combination of steamed chicken and bacon is very delicious. However, the steamed chicken and bacon must be put with shredded ginger, which enhances the fresh taste. When eating bacon, you feel like you are suddenly looking forward to the New Year.I think local tofu tofu is much more delicious than guangzhou, tofu has a strong smell of beans, soft and easy to slide, mother-in-law know we like bean products at home and she go to the market to buy the 100 bean curd, the dried tofu was stronger than the bean curd, mother-in-law said vacuum can be stored for a month, put in the refrigerator freezer can be stored for a week,She says it will keep longer in the freezer, but the taste of the freeze-dried tofu has never been good.Dried beancurd itself is a bit salty, but Fried bean curd cake or put the bean curd cake slices, with no sticky pan baked bean curd cake is better, can reduce the amount, but put a little oil in the pan, add bean curd cake, baked bean curd with medium heat, Fried bean curd cake does not need to add water, spray dried beancurd is Fried sweet, taste slightly crispy.Gourd water content high, the gourd is A low-calorie food, gourd is rich in vitamin A and some minerals, I very like to eat often gourd gourd Fried meat or use hoist rice cake for breakfast, this time with the gourd Fried, clean gourds, cut the gourd into two and A half, the bottle gourd slices, frying pan heat oil, fry garlic meat, add squash slices for A while,Cover with salt and steam for a while. Steam the courgettes with their own water.These are our family dinner, I use the special products sent by my mother-in-law, thank our mother-in-law.I’m Connie Chen, a high-quality original author of love life and love food. Every day, I share my life and food with you. It’s really nice of you to care about me.All my pictures and texts are original works, it is strictly prohibited from bad media handling and stealing, the author reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility!