He was the former minister of public security, responsible for the construction of qincheng prison, where he was later imprisoned for nine years

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In our childhood consciousness, all the bad people have a place to go after all, that is prison.In addition to building their tombs, there was one thing that emperors could not forget, and that was to make their cells stronger.After all, some people will endanger the lives of others and seriously affect the peace of a country.So the prison also has big and small, like the jail for the scourges, the prison for the big thieves, the political criminals.Qincheng detention are famous figures, some senior generals of the Kuomintang stayed here, Shen Drunk, Wang Lingji and other people.The maximum prison is located in Changping, a small tangshan neighborhood in Beijing.Built in 1958, Qincheng Prison is not part of the judicial system and is under the direct control of the Ministry of Public Security.Feng Jiping, the minister of public security, was in charge and participated in the design and construction.The minister of public security comes from Faku, Liaoning province.He was born in 1911 and completed his studies with the help of his relatives.Among them, his fifth uncle helped him the most in his life and later sent him to Study in Peiping.In the second year in Peiping, he joined the Communist Youth League.Students in Peiping have always been passionate about their country and people. They took to the streets to express their political aspirations at the risk of being arrested by the military and police for the sake of national justice.Feng Jiping, who had studied in Peiping for two years when northeast China fell to The Japanese in 1931, was indignant. Northeast China was his hometown, and he was more anxious than anyone else.He and classmates began to vigorously promote the Japanese in the northeast of the atrocity, the government of the Republic of China pretend to be deaf and dumb, Feng Jiping is very helpless, he and his classmates joined the communist cause, and returned to the northeast to form anti-japanese guerrillas.He did an example for the old folks in the northeast, armed anti-japanese team is also growing, a thing he unexpected happened.A companion became a traitor, betrayed everyone, Feng Jiping was arrested.In three years of imprisonment after torture, he did not mention any news about the party, a body of iron bones let the Kuomintang merciless officials make no effort.In 1935, the organization successfully rescued him, in order to repay the organization rescue, he transferred to Shanxi to continue the anti-japanese propaganda.That year he served as a colonel in an army that fought against the enemy, and for many years he fought with patriots to drive out the invaders and usher in liberation.When new China was founded he was given greater responsibility as deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.To bring peace to this ancient capital of three dynasties.In 1953, he became a deputy official and received orders from his superiors to build qincheng prison during this period.The earliest prisoners in Qincheng were all officials and war criminals left over by the Puppet Manchu government, including some important members of the Nationalist government. It is said that the walls of the prison were covered with special materials to prevent prisoners from committing suicide.In 1964 he was transferred to Shaanxi, where he worked for two years during a turbulent decade.What makes a person unimaginably strange is that this veteran comrade who has worked in the public security system for many years has been accused of being a foreign country.He was accused of selling information.In 1966, he was imprisoned in the Qincheng prison, which he had helped build.He spent nine years in prison before he was exonerated in 1975.This is feng Jiping did not expect, he also recorded in his diary, had known here would be imprisoned himself, he might have built better.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, there appeared four people who committed the most heinous crimes and single-handedly blocked China’s progress for ten years.After his rehabilitation, Feng became deputy secretary general of The State Council and Beijing party secretary in the early 1980s.He died in illness in 1983, aged 72, when he should have been enjoying the fruits of his life after two spells in prison, the latter of which took its toll on his health.Conclusion: The most gratified thing in his life is that his daughter is doing well. Her name is Feng Lu. She is studying, working, getting married and enjoying the peace fruits of her generation.Later, she married the son of He Long, one of the ten marshals.His son-in-law is a proud military officer named He Pengfei, a vice admiral.