Zhou Jiangyong in the end supported which capital disorderly expansion?

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On January 26, Zhou Jiangyong, former member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and former secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, was declared “double open” for serious violation of discipline and law.According to the notice issued by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission, Zhou Jiangyong lost his ideal and faith, deviated from the “two safeguard”, was indifferent to political consciousness, was obedient to the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, and supported the disorderly expansion of capital.Lack of organizational principles, should be private business owners to ask for illegal selection and appointment of cadres;Without discipline and law bottom line, engaging in power-for-money transactions, taking advantage of position convenience for others in project contracting, land transfer, tax returns and other aspects of profit, illegally accepting a large amount of property with relatives, engaging in family corruption.It is the first time that a senior official has been dismissed from his post, saying that he is linked with capital to support its disorderly expansion.”Private business owners should be asked to irregularities in the selection and appointment of cadres” notice expression is also rare.So, zhou Jiangyong in the end supported which capital disorderly expansion?How does the capital represented by business owners intervene in the selection and appointment of cadres?One week before Zhou jiangyong was notified of the double arrest, a TV feature film zero Tolerance, co-produced by the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Publicity Department of the National Supervisory Commission and the China Media Group, was broadcast. One of the episodes detailed Zhou Jiangyong’s family corruption and power-money dealings, which also showed his connection with capital.The feature film mainly discloses two business owners and a partner who are connected with Zhou’s family.The first named business owner to deal with the Zhou family was zhou Wenyong, a fellow townsman.Zhou’s younger brother, Zhou Jianyong, who owns 40% of the stake, also promised that in case of trouble, Zhou jiangyong would be a backer.Later, Zhou jiangyong did spare no effort to act as a backer for his brother’s affiliated enterprises.He not only helped with business operations, but even intervened in the judiciary to help Yongrun escape criminal punishment in the environmental pollution case.The second owner to be named is Construction company owner Shi Shihong.Zhou Jianyong through Zhou Jiangyong to help the history of hong shi contract project, the brothers jointly accept a huge amount of bribery, and then put into the family business as capital.From 2013 to 2017, Zhou Jiangyong successively provided help for Shi Shihong in a number of projects involving Zhoushan and Wenzhou according to the request conveyed by Zhou Jianyong, and Zhou Jianyong received money from Shi Shihong eight times in the name of “borrowing”, totaling more than 90 million yuan.Another joint venture that zhou jianyong co-founded, Ucheng United Information Technology Development Co., LTD., was highlighted in the feature film.The company claims to be a high-tech company focusing on “subway Internet +”, but its core resource is zhou Jiangyong’s power.Through Zhou Jiangyong’s greeting, Youcheng United cooperated with Ningbo Metro, and obtained the overall planning right of Ningbo Metro’s mobile payment system in its first business.So, excellent city union after all is Zhou Jianyong and who joint venture?Zhou Jianyong once said in an interview with the media that Youcheng United and the investor Alibaba (Ant Financial) hand in hand to deeply cultivate Ningbo, export zhejiang, face the whole country.China economic weekly after Zhou Jiangyong lok ma had in-depth reporting articles published the bottom Zhou Jiangyong lok ma: “tip-off like snowflakes” “, this paper disclosed, according to check the APP shows the inner eye, ant group of science and technology of China, Shanghai YunXin venture investment co., LTD is one of the best city joint shareholders, investment 1.6667 million yuan, 14.28% of the shares.According to the feature film, In February 2017, Zhou Jiangyong was transferred to wenzhou party secretary, in 2018, Zhou Jianyong greeted him, And Youcheng United obtained part of the wenzhou metro mobile payment system project;In 2019, Zhou Jiangyong was transferred to be the Secretary of hangzhou Municipal Party Committee. In November 2019, As a major shareholder, Youcheng United Invested and founded Hangzhou Railway Youcheng Technology Co., LTD., intending to further expand its business in Hangzhou.According to the China Economic Weekly report above, in the shareholding structure of Hangzhou Railway Youcheng Technology Co., LTD., which is shown on the Tianyancha APP, Youcheng Union holds 55 percent of the shares, Hangzhou Metro Group holds 31.5 percent, and Shanghai Yunxin Venture Capital Co., which is wholly controlled by Ant Technology Group, invested another 1.35 million yuan, accounting for 13.5 percent of the shares.How powerful is capital?The day after its publication, the article “Zhou Jiangyong falls: ‘Whistle-blowing letters are like snowflakes'” disappeared silently on some capital-control media platforms.Zhou Jiangyong and capital connections, power and money trading path can be seen.But how is Zhou Jiangyong to the central committee of the decision deployment, support the disorderly expansion of capital?Which capital to support disorderly expansion after all?There is no special film about it.But the question raises many questions.Also attracting attention is another issue pointed out in the circular — Zhou Jiangyong should be invited by private business owners to illegally select and appoint cadres.Who are private business owners?How does the capital side that private business owner represents intervene after all cadre selection and appointment?Who was promoted illegally?What kind of deals are behind them?How powerful is capital?The day after its publication, the article “Zhou Jiangyong falls: ‘Whistle-blowing letters are like snowflakes'” disappeared silently on some capital-control media platforms.Source | China economic weekly Jiang Yong lok ma: “tip-off, like snowflakes”, is published in the next day, then some capital controls on media platforms silently disappeared.Source | China economic weekly