Nucleic acid test will be conducted in Shanghai on April 4th, residents are requested to register in advance today and take screenshots to save qr codes

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According to the official wechat account of “Shanghai Release”, a nucleic acid test will be carried out in The city tomorrow, in order to contain the spread of the virus as soon as possible and realize the dynamic elimination of social gatherings as soon as possible.1. Please select “Nucleic acid Testing Service” in the Health Cloud APP or mini program today, register and save the QR code, pay attention to the accuracy and integrity of information registration.2. In order to facilitate nucleic acid testing services, the first and second channels of “Health Cloud” are available for public registration.3. The elderly and children can choose “not me” to register on the Health Cloud APP or mini program on their behalf.4. Citizens are requested to actively cooperate and participate in nucleic acid testing in time and in batches according to the notification requirements of communities or units, so as to ensure that “no one is missed and no one is left behind”.Do not leave your house until you are notified to take samples.5. Please consciously maintain the order of sampling sites and follow the guidance arrangement.When queuing for sampling, please wear a mask and keep a distance of 2 meters. Do not gather in crowds, chat or smoke.6. After nucleic acid sampling, please wear a mask immediately, return home as soon as possible, and continue to stay indoors.7. The public can check nucleic acid test results through “Apply with Application”.