It’s time for the annual cooking competition. What do people eat for their New Year’s Eve dinner

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New Year’s Eve dinner, also known as reunion dinner, refers to the family dinner at the end of the New Year’s Eve (Chinese New Year’s Eve).People who work outside the home will go back to their hometown to reunite with their families before the New Year’s Eve.The Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner is the family reunion dinner, which is the most important dinner for the family at the end of the year.The annual New Year’s Eve dinner fully shows the mutual respect and love among family members of the Chinese nation.The New Year’s Eve dinner is a big meal for the whole family. Every family will put on the table some dishes which are rarely seen in daily life or have auspicious meanings. The dishes on the table usually include chicken (which means there is a plan), fish (which means there is plenty in the year), Chinese cabbage and Chinese cabbage (which means there is plenty of talent in the year).Every New Year’s Eve, friends circle bask in the New Year’s Eve dinner are mouth-watering.Some families start serving meals as early as mid-afternoon or mid-afternoon.In Guangxi, white-cut chicken, steamed fish and white-fried shrimps are common dishes.Have a hot pot in cold weather.Seafood is the most popular on New Year’s Eve, with prices skyrocketing.Braised pork is also very popular.It doesn’t matter what you eat, anything tastes good with important people.Fried spring rolls, fried crisp meat, stuffed fruit, crispy skin buckle, delicious too much, chicken also need not cut.There’s not enough room in the Nine squares for a culinary competition.White wine and red wine.Too lazy to cook at home, eat out.White sliced chicken, steamed fish, braised pork Lao SAN.Every family is the same.New Year’s Eve dinner with Guangxi characteristics.Eat and drink, happy.A variety of carbonated drinks are arranged.Use both wax gourd and pumpkin.This table is not of a high standard.With the change of The Times, people on New Year’s Eve dinner dishes are also multifarious, but its purpose is to represent good luck, a symbol of the New Year, the New Year to everything.New Year’s Eve dinner, eat is joy, product is affection, continuously rice fragrance smell is the taste of home.Even if only a plate of dumplings, also want to eat the taste of the New Year.