In mahua happy in the third echelon of Wei Xiang, why the first actor on the shoulder of the box office

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As the only comedy film of the Spring Festival, “The Professional” has done well at the box office, ranking second behind “Watergate Bridge” at 731 million yuan.In the face of such a fierce attack from Watergate Bridge, it is somewhat unexpected that The Professional can hold its own and achieve such a high box office.Want to know, this is wei Xiang the first time when the male leading role, it seems that he really has the strength to take the lead.Wei Xiang made his debut for many years, but was unknown in Mahua Funage. When Shen Teng and Ma Li became big names in the film industry, wei Xiang still did not make his debut.In Kaixin Mahua, Shen Teng and Ma Li sit firmly in the positions of elder brother and elder sister. The second echelon has Alan and Chang Yuan, and Wei Xiang is the third echelon actor, who is inferior to Alan and Chang Yuan in terms of status, even inferior to Huang Cailun.As it turns out, neither Allen nor Chang yuan can carry the box office alone.Allen’s earlier human Comedy, starring Wang Zhi, earned only $63 million.Later, he starred in Meet the Cat with Wang Zhi, which was even more disastrous, only making 1.17 million yuan at the box office.As it turns out, Allen really didn’t have the box office chops to do it alone.In comparison, Changyuan is slightly better.”Warm Hugs,” which he directed and starred in, earned 864 million yuan, while “Li MAO for Prince,” starring Actress Ma Li, earned 462 million yuan, just behind “Warm Hugs.”Kaixin Mahua also has huang Cailun, who is also the veteran actor of Kaixin Mahua. If Alan and Chang Yuan are not capable of carrying the box office alone, Then Huang Cailun is not to mention.So after Allen, Chang Yuan, Huang Cailun, happy flower who can praise?I don’t think there is another one except Wei Xiang.Now Shen Teng and Ma Li do not need to hold, because two people have a firm foothold, need to launch a rising star, that can only be Wei Xiang.Although Wei has never played a leading man before and is not as well known as the likes of Alan Allen and Chang Yuan, it’s a bit of a gamble for him to take the lead during Spring Festival.However, an actor like Wei Xiang, who has never played a leading actor, will have a different effect. After all, the audience has expectations for him, while the other actors have exhausted the expectations of the audience.Interestingly, Wei Xiang this time in “The killer is not too calm” in the role of the male protagonist Wei Chenggong is a many years mixed in the entertainment industry but unknown to the public can only when the group of “unsuccessful” small actors, which with Wei Xiang’s own acting experience happens to coincide, can be said to be true character, more can drive the audience mood.Wei Xiang’s performance in the film we also saw, not how amazing, but must be commendable, he also has his own laugh, is definitely a natural comedian.Judging from the current momentum, “The Professional” will not end up doing too badly at the box office, is expected to be more than 2 billion yuan.If so, Wei Xiang this time is to carry the box office, which is extremely beneficial to his life acting career, maybe after happy Mahua will focus on creating Wei Xiang.Wei Xiang has played various supporting roles for many years, but now he finally stands out with a movie and is recognized and recognized by more and more audiences.If you haven’t succeeded, should you give up or continue?Wei Xiang told us, don’t give up, as long as you work hard, we will be able to harvest success, isn’t it?