Hangzhou Yuhang officially enters the “two sessions”

2022-06-21 0 By

From February 11th to 12th, the members of the 12th session of the Yuhang District CPPCC and the representatives of the 16th session of the Yuhang District PEOPLE’s Congress in Hangzhou reported for registration one after another. Yuhang officially entered the “time of the two sessions”.Yuhang officially entered the “two sessions time”.This is a grand event bearing the beautiful vision of yuhang people.Members of the CPPCC and deputies to the National People’s Congress entered the meeting room bearing social conditions and public opinions and carefully prepared proposals.Under the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control, deputies and committee members entered the venue in an orderly manner, wore masks, and took temperature measurements under the guidance of the staff.It is worth mentioning that, with the help of digital means, CPPCC members can scan the QR code to complete the check-in. Through the personal number displayed in the system, they can get their own attendance card, including the address and seat number of the relevant conference they will attend. They can also submit proposals online through “I Fulfill my duties”.CPPCC members can scan the QR code to complete the check-in.The year of 2022 is the year of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the year of hangzhou Asian Games. It is also the year of Yuhang District striving to be the pioneer of common prosperity demonstration area.At this important historical juncture, NPC deputies and CPPCC members shoulder the responsibility of conveying the sentiments of the people and always bear in mind their original aspiration of “serving the people”.Deputies and members vowed to keep their mission firmly in mind, perform their duties in accordance with the law, and treat themselves as “deliverymen” and “mouthpieces” of the people.”We will handle the villagers’ affairs well and solve their difficulties so that all the villagers will have a more beautiful living environment and a more prosperous life.”NPC deputy Yuhangjing Mountain village Party general branch secretary Yu Ronghua said that he hoped to take the construction of new rural communities as an opportunity to jointly develop rural tourism industry through group development, design characteristic tourism routes, the construction of new community tourism brand, help “western rich beauty”.”Deploy digital means to enhance the information perception, feedback and processing of road diseases, and use digital resources to further improve the capacity of urban road supervision.””Said CPPCC member Zhang Jie.During the two sessions, she actively submitted high-quality proposals, among which “Suggestions on Promoting smart City Road Perception” was highly valued by relevant departments.”Looking for the history and culture, with the goal of providing a future scene, the old town is revitalized with an intrusive and progressive approach.”NPC deputy Lin Dian nan is looking forward to.He said the construction of Yuhang district will continue for many years, and the quality of life of the people should not be in the far future, but in the present.The people elected me as a representative, and I am a representative for the people.During the meeting, representatives and members will actively exchange proposals and discuss their experience in performing their duties.We can fully feel from the suggestions and proposals, these suggestions and motions are around the people’s concerns.In addition, common prosperity, digitalization, “double reduction” and other hot words and keywords of the two sessions.One is a vivid suggestion, which profoundly reflects the “Yuhang style” of democracy.It is reported that the two sessions of Yuhang will continue until February 15, representatives and members will actively focus on the grand blueprint and development potential of Yuhang development, gather their minds, make suggestions, contribute wisdom and strength to strive for the display of the “important window” and the pioneer of common prosperity demonstration area, and work together to describe the beautiful picture of high-quality development of Yuhang.(Gao Xiaoling, Tan Qin)