Attention!Jinghong strengthened the management of rental houses and industrial sites for floating population during the epidemic prevention and control period

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The communist party of China (jinghong, jinghong municipal committee of the people’s government should be will be coronavirus pneumonia outbreak work leading group headquarters joint law enforcement through to the group no. 1 on further strengthen epidemic prevention and control during the leased premises and industry sites management of the floating population of circular current, outside the epidemic situation is complicated, “rebound against input, inside outside pressure,To crack down on cross-border illegal and criminal activities, effectively prevent and control COVID-19, block the route of its spread, and protect people’s lives and health.In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the following circulars are hereby issued to further strengthen the management of floating population, rental houses and industrial sites: 1. Strictly strengthen the management of registration of floating population.The floating population living in self-purchased houses, rented houses, units or relatives’ homes shall register at the local police station within 5 days after arriving in the city.2. Strictly regulate rental management.According to the principle of “who rents, who is responsible for”, lessor is the first responsible person of rental housing management, rental housing ownership belongs to the unit, the main person in charge of the unit is the first responsible person, the first responsible person must take the initiative to implement various management measures.The intermediary agencies engaged in house leasing and job introduction shall, within 5 working days from the date of signing the contract, report the information of the house lessor, the floating population renting the house or the employer or the employed floating population to the local police station under the jurisdiction.3. Strictly strengthen site management.Strictly in order to strengthen the management of industry places, various shopping malls, hotels, net about housing, rental housing, bath massage places, places of entertainment, hotels, warehouses, construction sites, vehicle maintenance and cleaning area, individual industrial and commercial households and other places of employment, personnel, the place of stay, according to “who use, who is responsible for” “who stay, who is responsible for” “person to register, the cancellation of” principle,Do a good job of personnel registration and management, fulfill the main responsibility, all personnel change, the landlord, owner must take the initiative to report to the local police station.4. Those who want to rent out houses shall register and put on record with the local police station, and implement the housing rental license system. Houses that have not been reported are not allowed to be rented out.The house lessor shall not lease the house to the lessee whose identity information is unknown or without legal and valid certificates;House lessors and intermediary agencies engaged in house leasing and job introduction should strengthen the management of leased houses and floating population during the epidemic prevention and control period, and immediately report to public security organs if the lessee is found to use the house for criminal activities.Those who violate the relevant provisions of house leasing, conceal and falsely report the information of house leasing, harbor, cover up and connive the lessee to engage in illegal and criminal activities, resulting in the leakage of control and other problems, shall be dealt with seriously in accordance with the provisions of the law;If the case constitutes a crime, the offender shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.Five, the floating population of this city, the lessor leased premises, unit of choose and employ persons and agencies shall have the obligation to take the initiative to report and register of responsibility, have not yet completed registration for the record, shall, within 10 days after the announcement to district police station to register for the record, such as fail to register or violation of the provisions of the epidemic prevention and control management will be given a heavier punishment in accordance with the rules strictly in accordance with the law, if the case constitutes a crime,To investigate criminal responsibility according to law.Six, encourages the people to participate in the campaign to crack down on the crime of illegal cross-border, positive report in violation of the regulations for the rental of the floating population and industry sites, jinghong, combined with the epidemic prevention and control command / 38 and the reward standard about to crack down on the crime of illegal cross-border activity, is verified, the commendation and reward for giving;Those who retaliate against informants and connive at crimes committed by them will be dealt with severely in accordance with the law.This is to inform the Joint Law Enforcement Team of Jinghong Leading Group for Epidemic Response On January 11, 2022