Ye Peijian, a people’s scientist and torchbearer of the Olympic Games, said China’s space program should move forward like the torch relay

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Beijing, Feb. 2 (Chinamilong) — The Olympic flame lit up the city’s atmosphere of the Winter Olympics with its hand-held torch relay at the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing, capital of China.Ye Peijian, a technical consultant and researcher of The China Academy of Space Technology and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the third torchbearer of the Torch relay in the Olympic Forest Park. He said excitedly: “To make China’s space development well, from a space power to a space power, we must keep moving forward like the torch relay!”From Ziyuan 2 to Chang ‘e series projects, from chang ‘e to Mars, Ye Peijian has made great contributions to China’s aerospace industry.On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping presented him with the “People’s Scientist” medal.Now, ye Peijian is still sprightly at the age of 77. Holding the torch in his hand and beaming with pride, he is running with vigorous strides.The journey to pass this baton is not far, but it means a lot to Ye Peijian.”It is not easy for our country to hold an Olympic Games, and it is not easy to hold a Winter Olympics,” ye said with a smile. “I think I will never be a torchbearer in this life.So this time, I really feel very happy and very proud.”Ye peijian’s hands trembled slightly, his eyes beaming with joy.”I represent not only myself, but also all the spaceflight personnel. We spaceflight personnel can be selected to carry the torch. It is our industry that has been recognized by the motherland and the people!”Ye Peijian was interviewed.Wu Yibin speaks with national pride in Ye Peijian’s words.”We, China, used to be a very poor and weak country. I happened to be in the United States in 1984 when China participated in the first Olympic Games.Today, we have held the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics, becoming the only city in the world to host both. This shows that China has stood up in the world.The whole world is watching us. The Chinese people are sure to do a good job.”Ye peijian said.The second torchbearer of the Olympic Forest Park torch relay is astronaut Jing Haipeng, from the hands of Jing Haipeng received the Winter Olympic flame, Ye Peijian said emotionally: “passing the torch from generation to generation is our space spirit.We learned a lot from qian Xuesen and other older scientists. Today, our comrades, who are younger than us, are also forging ahead.To make China’s space industry develop well, from a space power to a space power, we must keep moving forward like a torchbearer.”Talking about the understanding of the Olympic spirit, Ye Peijian continued: “I think the Olympic spirit is to pass on the positive energy of mankind, is to pass on the spirit of human courage to struggle.The hand-to-hand transmission of the torch itself is a symbol. I think it is consistent with the spirit of space flight, which also inspires me to run this baton well.”Despite his busy schedule, exercise is essential for Ye peijian.”I aim to take at least 10,000 steps a day, and at least 6,000 of them are continuous.No matter how busy or tired I am, no matter how windy or rainy I am.”In addition to walking, Ye also dabbed with ice sports when he studied in Switzerland.”I went skiing twice with my friends.I have a lot of respect for winter sports athletes, especially skiing and ski jumping athletes.These projects require very difficult movements to complete, which shows a spirit of courage.”Ye peijian said.Ye peijian is full of hopes for the future of ice and snow sports in China, saying that the Winter Olympics will definitely bring great development to China’s ice and snow sports and its industry.At the same time, the Winter Olympics will allow more Chinese people to participate in ice and snow sports.