The new Nissan Xiaoke will be released in China soon, with a younger appearance and perhaps a 1.3-terabyte power

2022-06-20 0 By

As one of the three major Japanese brands, Nissan has been enjoying good sales and reputation in China.Nissan’s Compact SUV, a family-oriented model, has provided a steady stream of sales for the brand since its launch.But this generation of Xiaoke has been in service in China for many years, model product force in the current market has no obvious advantage, model replacement is imperative.And in the beginning of 2021, a new generation of Nissan Xiao ke has been officially released overseas, the new car compared to the cash model of the change is also very big, and a new generation xiao Ke is also about to be released in China, today we will see how it’s performance?Exterior respect, brand-new generation xiao guest is on the basis of familial change design, increased a lot of sharp design.The net still uses the U-shaped shape, but the chrome frame is more powerful.The shape of the headlamp is also very characteristic, and the “half-split” shape is highly recognizable after being lit.And the shape of the bottom is more sharp, not only the lines are full of cutting sense, but also the black material collocation is very in place.The modelling of the side of brand-new xiao guest body still used young style, the sharp line of body and the roof of suspension type, it is the favorite of young consumers at present.The tail design of the new xiao guest still continued the fashionable and compact design of cash models.The shape of the taillight is long and thin, and the whole looks very layered.Come to the car, the new xiao guest interior design compared to the old upgrade is very obvious, not only a strong sense of science and technology, but also very good texture.The shape of the three-frame steering wheel is quite three-dimensional, and the matching full LCD instrument and suspension central control screen also reflects a strong sense of science and technology.The shift mechanism uses the electronic block rod, the shape is relatively full.The central console adopts the sewing process collocation, while the storage space layout is also very reasonable.Powertrain hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s not much different from the overseas model.The new Xiaoke overseas model is equipped with a 1.3T turbocharged engine, and provides a light mixing system with a 12V motor, which can be divided into high and low power according to different adjustment. The transmission system is matched with a manual transmission or CVT continuously variable transmission.Xiao Ke as nissan in the domestic SUV market one of the best-selling SUV, its replacement model or has a very good product force, if the listing can provide a good model price, I believe that the continuation of high sales is not what difficult.