More than 30 people have been cheated out of 1.9 million yuan!Police emergency alert

2022-06-20 0 By

Blindly trusting the so-called “access”, pay money to pay social security, so as to improve the retirement treatment, the result has fallen into the routine of fraud.A series of fraud cases involving more than 1.9 million yuan have been uncovered by police in Conghua, Guangdong province, according to guangzhou police on February 9.A few days ago, conghua police received many people alarm in succession, say oneself deal with social security to fill pay through a middle-aged woman named Xiao mou, Xiao Mou did not deal with relevant business and lost contact after receiving money, then discover be cheated.After receiving the tip, the police immediately launched an investigation.Police learned that the visiting survey, XiaoMou claimed to have “contacts”, is not in conformity with the conditions of staff can handle payment of social security, to charge more than 30 subject before and after 3 to 60000 yuan of “payment of money,” and promised to can be finished within 1 to 4 months to deal with, but with all sorts of reason to push to take off to the promised time limit, and even lost.To make Xiao as soon as possible, the police continue to trace its whereabouts.At the same time, many visits to their families to do ideological work, preaching laws and regulations.Eventually, the suspect Xiao recently took the initiative to surrender to the public security organs.According to Xiao mou confession, its and a group of retired workers often dance square dance, accidentally heard dance friends in the discussion of social security retirement treatment, think of their own friends have a friend can be issued to pay social security business news, so they claimed to dance friends have a “back door” can be handled, have received a number of dance friends “pay money”.Later, Xiao learned from a friend that he could not handle the social security payment business according to the policy, and did not return the money, but continued to charge the so-called fees, a total of more than 1.9 million yuan of fraud, illegal income has been used to repay personal debt and gambling.At present, the suspect Xiao has been conghua police criminal detention, the case is being further investigated.Police remind: there are corresponding procedures and specific policy provisions, such as the public need to pay social security, be sure to go to the social security bureau or social security official website to understand the relevant policies to pay.Remember not to believe the false promise of others or agents that “you can pay social security”, entrust social security to pay, so as not to be deceived.If you find yourself cheated, please dial 110 to report to the police.Source: Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City