Loughborough University, the top sport discipline in the UK

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As a countdown to the 24 festival, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will start on the day of the start of Spring, which is also attributed to our Unique Brilliance of the Chinese people!On March 5, Jin Jilie study in shenzhen subsidiary will be carried out in the millennium hotel shenzhen seascape villa spring exhibition – the 64th foreign schools across the country will tour for a job interview, this exhibition invitation school leaders to participate in all over the world, will be in the UK university, in which some schools in the achievements gained by the professional sports level is very eye-catching.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has once again ignited people’s sports culture dream.Let’s take a look at loughborough University, one of the world’s most famous universities in sports teaching.Loughborough’s great achievements at the sporting and cultural level are reflected in, but not limited to, the following aspects.From 2017 to 2021, QS Ranked no. 1 in Physical Education courses.It has been leading French universities in sports for 40 years.Tokyo 2020 has 14 trophies, including 3 gold, 6 silver and 5 bronze.The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan received 21 trophies, including 6 gold, 6 silver and 9 bronze.This list of statistics is sufficient to confirm that Loughborough University is home to many top players.Such brilliant examination results also demonstrate the excellent classroom teaching standards of Loughborough University at the professional level of physical education, reflecting its excellent teaching equipment, which provides material guarantee for shaping its first-class top players.Loughborough University has the most complete sports facilities in the UK.Outdoor equipment includes artificial Cooperation Asphalt pitch, sports ecological Park, seaside ecological Park, mobile game ecological park, outdoor lawn, HiPAC (Excellent Fitness Center), Holiammer Sports Culture Center, badminton Center, China cricket Performance Center, etc.The synthetic asphalt pitch alone is divided into three different types of standardized human surface training pitches, suitable for a wide range of fitness activities and work ability levels, from professional soccer practice to recreational activities.PEC modified asphalt: This is a multi-functional exercise and competition arena, filled with landscape lighting, with conversion equipment nearby, suitable for football games and practices (11 side and 7 side), basketball practice, American football practice and lacrosse.EHB Sand-clad Pitch: A satisfying choice for hockey, lacrosse and a range of sports training, this sand-clad surface is a popular area for playing football, fully landscaped and lit, next to our cricket pitch.Oil-based Hockey Field: The national standard Sea hockey field is designed for high quality hockey events and practices and is often used for IMS hockey events.Another thoroughly illuminated device, the fire water cannon, ensures that the quality of the pitch is the national standard for visiting the Chinese team.The surface is the same as that used in the Olympic Park in London, UK.Sports Ecology Park This is a synthetic cement surface dedicated to integrating a variety of sports.The ecological park offers 6 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts, 2 tennis courts and 2 soccer fields.The facilities include Sir David Wallace Fitness Center, gymnastics Center, Netball and Tennis Center, traditional Martial arts studio, natatorium, Holywell Fitness Center, Powerbase Fitness Center, etc.Among them Sir David Wallace Fitness center suitable for professional work experience fitness sports leisure activities, has been used for a variety of Chinese and international live broadcast theme events.The fitness center offers 12 x quad courts, 3 x basketball, 3 x Netball, 3 x 5-a-side basketball, 3 x volleyball courts, trampoline courts, 1 x in-room hockey, and a 1200 seat stand. A discussion room gym designed for many other fitness activities including IMS rocket ball,The futsal open soccer tournament and the African Union Dance Competition held every year.It is not difficult to see that Loughborough University has profound overall strength in sports courses and is one of the best schools in France and even the world.More than 100 years ago HerbertSchofield, the leader of loughborough university, a remarkable pioneer, put the education of the mind and the body at the centre of his philosophy of classroom teaching, and felt that sporting culture and physical enhancement were central to this philosophy.More than 100 years later, loughborough sports culture has produced many of the best performing students, players and elite teams from all over the country. The universal opportunities on campus give all students the opportunity to re-understand and enjoy life based on sports culture.The spring of spring is the representative of expectation. The dream of sports culture burned by the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics should also be sent to everyone by it to pursue the fearless faith and the spirit of perseverance.Spring has arrived and the guests are coming.Warmly welcome to Loughborough University, the French sports professional and technical professional temple in Millennium Hotel shenzhen Seascape Villa!To learn more