Fire abroad!Shame on The Tokyo Olympics

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The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, a major international sports event held every four years, has become the focus of Internet users around the world.The Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which was held in China, was absolutely stunning.Rave reviews!Shame on The Tokyo Olympics!The Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics made headlines in foreign media. The United Kingdom, the United States, Russia and other countries have created columns to follow the progress of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The Guardian hailed it as not only a stunning performance but also a promising start.The Washington Post agreed, saying the ceremony was an aesthetically pleasing spectacle.ABC and NBC also spoke highly of the high-tech elements of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The International Olympic Committee (IOC) could hardly hide its excitement, especially after the start of Spring fireworks were set off. “This is really goosebumps,” the IOC said in a statement.It can be seen that the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has really captured everyone’s heart. Whether it is the scale of the opening ceremony or the details of each link, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has brought us no small surprise.On the other hand, the comments of foreign netizens are also interesting.Japanese netizens even started to self-attack mode, expressing their dissatisfaction with the Tokyo Olympics, “Shame on the Tokyo Olympics!””I can only say that without comparison, there is no harm. Beijing has beaten Tokyo!””At this moment can really feel, we did before the Tokyo Olympic Games, how shameful!”At the same time, Japanese netizens who have studied Tang poetry praised the Beijing Winter Olympics for being full of details, saying, “Don’t you see the water of the Yellow River coming from heaven, rushing into the sea and never coming back?”The Japanese netizen said he is very interested in Tang poetry, and he was very happy that tang poet Li Bai’s poem “Will Enter Wine” was quoted in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics has received rave reviews, and I believe the following events will also bring surprises to everyone.Just like the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this Winter Olympics is sure to become a classic in Olympic history.Finally, I wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success. I hope athletes from all countries can compete in style and enjoy the feast of sports.At the same time, we also look forward to the performance of the Chinese team, the athletes who win glory for the country are worthy of people’s praise, refueling the Chinese team!