Eight call flow novels, holding the sky, looking at the world, contending, killing, kingdom

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“Eight unforgettable game novels” a read, do not forget, do not forget ah, sing try not to praise not comment, also do not pay attention to the small partner first hand, crotch needle, and then merciless ridicule, with oil on the sole of the foot – hot pursuit, finally angry point takeout price is also super double!!1, the opening call west factory flower.Author: The flying fish turned around.Introduce: Zheng Ming passes through the world that an imperial dynasty and zong door pay equal attention to, became the 5 emperor son of big glaze imperial dynasty.Holding the days call system, the beginning of the call ruthless, leng Yan domineering west factory hua Yu field.White clothes such as snow westgate blowing snow, ordinary people Zhang Zhiwei, kendo such as magic dugu beg defeat, contemptuously xiao dream master……Refining the people’s air transport, casting supreme immortal dynasty, imperial power supreme, all the heavens, the overall lead all saints, the way of heaven, cloth the virtues of heaven.Emperor Huanghuang, immortal road boundless, egoistic.Wonderful review: They are in charge of supervising the officials, inspecting the prefectures and counties, correcting the punishment and prisons, and improving law and discipline. They also have the power to report to the news and report on matters. They can write a document to impeach the officials and relatives of the emperor at any time.If the supervision of the imperial history see Zheng Ming not happy, can play Zheng Ming at any time.And Zheng Ming also take each other without any way, can only play to the emperor Lao Tzu since defense.To the royal relatives, officials like Yu Shi were the most annoying.”This guy came to Shanhai county to get Ben Wang into trouble?”Zheng Ming thought.Shanhai county, this place, has been more than ten years without officials, even beishan house to Shanhai County ignored.As a result, he just came to more than two months, came to a supervisor.If said not to trouble, Zheng Ming do not believe.”Go and invite someone in.”Well, since we’re here, let’s meet first.Little blessing slowly exit, then, with a middle-aged man wearing blue official robes into the study.”Subordinate Yu Shangxin paid a visit to the king of Shanhai County.”Yu Shang new bow hand obeisance way respectfully.Zheng Ming up and down looked at him one eye, plain of say: “avoid gift.””Has the king seen you?”2. Unscientific royal beasts.Author: Light springs ring.Introduce: This is the different world that is mainstream with royal beast.Animals, plants, elementals, necromancers, machines…The nine-tailed fox, the ancient tree of life, the thunder Cloud elf, the skeleton Lord, the mechanical ship mother and even the ancient sword that gives birth to the spirit can all be regarded as pet animals, and the human who contracts, trains and defends them are collectively called the bestial master!Myth scholar holds archaeologist shi Yu to pass through and come, in order to explore blank history and lost myth, he chose to set foot on a very unscientific road of royal beast…Highlight review: This is so heartwarming.Shiyu heart immediately ten thousand iron beasts rolled over.At the same time, three big words came into his mind.Exposed!Mostly talking about their own rubble like things, finally was found.The result was a foregone conclusion.If the presence of the secret is really important, the cause will be investigated.There are no cameras in places like the park, but it’s not hard to find someone in a world of extraordinary power.Breath detection, divination prediction, back in time…It’s only natural for some extraordinary creature to have these strange abilities.”I hate it.”Shi Yu hated his inquisitive personality.Then, with a gloomy heart, he ran to the door.If the young doctor says it’s not a bad thing, he didn’t do anything illegal, and if the evidence comes back to him, he’ll say what he thinks.”It’s open at last.”3, the opening ten consecutive draw, summon the gods and demons.Author: more twenty thousand days I become god.Introduce: This is the world of a fairy way freely.The immortal lives at the holy gate, and the strong occupy one side.In order to compete for the resources of cultivation, the continent carries toward forest, 100 countries contend for hegemony.Wu Sifan woke up and became the weakest prince of a dynasty in the East Wasteland.He was going to give up the cruel throne competition, xiu Xian asked, free and unfetteredworld, but the first king to practice xian Dao secret art, need to fake death for a period of time, in order to regain the throne easy after waking up, specially passed the throne to the weakest he.The news, the dynasty shook, the territory of the wind and clouds surging, east around the undercurrent surging.Just at this time, Wu Sifan found that the previous life card call game also followed their own through, can call all kinds of roles through the card!So, Wu Sifan can only “forced business”…Three years later, the king succeeded in conquering the Eastern Wasteland and ruling the country.But just went to the palace, Wu Sifan with Lv Bu, Zhao Yun, Dian Wei and other breath than the first king also strong god slowly out: “Father, why rebellion?”The first king: “??”Highlight review: not only the princess of the month and others.At this moment, the sky is a war dian Wei, Cao Zhengchun and others, but also look back as induction.When they saw the figure in silver armor in front of the altar, everyone’s face changed.”Mahayana?!”Qi Dongqiang, jiang Red three people look at each other, the fundus is a trace of horror.Arriving at their state, even in the face of the top of the road, they do not have such a strong sense of heart palpitations and crisis.So this is the situation.There is only one possibility – this sudden silver armour youth, is a mahayana period of the strong?!Think of here, three hearts are sunk.And Dian Wei and Cao Zhengchun look at each other, but are beaming.”Chang Shan Zhao Zilong!”As a military general in The Three Kingdoms Period, Dian Wei recognized Zhao Yun at a glance.4. My card is infinitely improved.Author: dragon dove dove ah.Introduce: Return from the world of card card, su leaves card in the hand begins to evolve.The cowardly became the spirited, and finally became the sexy queen wearing a high-slit dress and high heels!In this way, Su li began his paper wife project.Highlight review: “Hum!”White ink snow unkindly to the card back.The girl is angry. The boy is so dumb.As the royal beast family of the little princess, the usual man is not courteously sought after, but also polite, never in others that eat so much flat.Only Sue from the exception, put her hanging on a tree, fooling her “cut a knife”……Is Miss Ben not attractive enough?Bai Moxue is very confident about her appearance.Does he like jiang Mingyue type?Sexy, mature, dark silk with long legs?Wait, what do I care what he likes?Bai Moxue became more and more angry, her face flushed, and she tried to resist the impulse to “cut” the figure.At this time Lu Chenfeng lit a card, bronze level, enveloped three people, has not completely collected blood forest, can not relax.Su immediately feel the spirit of their own jade slowly fill up, dark sigh the wealth of the prince.He picked up the vampire lords card, and sure enough, bronze level 10, reached the top of the bronze level, no wonder so difficult to deal with.By this time he had withdrawn some of his cards, secretly produced Glantis’ cards and tested the enhanced choices.There are new reinforcement options.5, royal beast: I can even cultivate gods and demons!.Author: The sea has no yan.Introduce: The evening before 2000 years, after the sky appeared two moons, this world became the world of monster.Mountains, rivers, plants and trees can turn demons into spirits, and antique swords can also breed spirits.Monsters, demons, giants, elves, Zerg…The living space of human beings has been pressed to the extreme.It was not until the appearance of an ogre who could sign a contract with the monster that the human race was born again.Two thousand years later, Chen Fan traveled with tens of thousands of people.He raised his head slightly and said to his royal beast…Thousands of years later, if I become a legend, my legend must have you;After thousands of years, if you become a legend, then I hope…I’m in your legend, too.Around a group of royal animal partner dragon chant tiger roar, chest of its own heaven and earth xuanhuang Universe!The Kingdom of Tang has me, fearless in every battle!Blue star has me, magic devil retreat!Highlight review: “Roar!”With one last roar, the dark purple nightblade leopard struggles for its life.Chen Fan loosened his harpoon at this moment and threw a fist at the head of the night blade Leopard.”Boom!””Boom!””Boom!”Three punches in a row!That night, The head of the blade Leopard was blown open by Chen Fan, its neck was slanted and it died.”Whew!”Chen Fan heaved out a turbid breath and pulled back the harpoon on the neck of the leopard, then sat down on the bluestone.With a creak, the emerald bounced back onto his head.Although the night blade leopard only level 2, but Chen Fan and Slime jade together, also took a big effort.Chen Fan looked at his right fist. Lightning still curled around it.Haku’s “thunder armor” on his body has not dissipated.Chen Fan was a little depressed…His current pure star power is actually much stronger than normal level 2 monsters.But without opening veins, casting stars and learning how to use star power, Chen Fan could not even exert one third of his power.He’s tired from killing the night Blade leopard with Hisui.6. The super dimensional pirate group in the Pirate group.Akiko: Fireworks in a rainstorm.Introduce: The word before Roger is punished, opened chaotic times of big sea thief;At the same time, this is also the era of a group of heroes rise together!Mole ants, the waves of the new era came!The weak, do not have a choice;Strong, follow one’s inclinations!Eric, an otaku in his previous life, sees the beginning of a new era and establishes his own power in a systematic way. He will wave his lance, break through obstacles and overthrow the whole world!Black Sword, who likes to eat junk food;The Avenger of flame;A queen who can freeze time and space;A Valkyrie who slays gods between turns of hands;Cute foodie with a quick kill;The proud Girl who controls the time;The dragon destroyer of the sky;A manipulative singer.Highlights: “…Well, it’s me…”Follow behind crazy three ready to answer.”Ah, I was careless, accidentally hurt.”Eric interrupts what Mad 3 is about to say to himself and turns to the other two.”Well.”They also don’t want a new recruit to be guilty of hurting the captain.”Well, get some rest, Captain.”Da Vinci understood the general event from just a few people’s words, and at the same time want to let the new man well into come in, and face crazy three openings: “welcome the new man to join oh ~ I am this team of scientists and doctors of Da Vinci.””Ah,” shiozaki, a little nervous about hurting Eric, straightened himself up and raised his skirt. “Hi, everyone, I’m a new member of Shiozaki, please advise me.””Oh!Da Vinci eyes lit up, “good formal etiquette, is not which big young lady?”Mad Sam puts his left hand in front of him and blushes as if he were shy, saying, I might have been, but my memories have all disappeared with my last death.Now I’m just the other half Eric is going to spend the rest of my life with.”The “crack” is like the sound of broken glass, and the atmosphere of the welcome party has disappeared.7. The master of pet animals.Author: Black pepper Fairy.Introduce: great stem dynasty, one calls white without hurt youth, become independent awakening person accidentally, his this life pet beast is incredibly…Moon rabbit?Wonderful review: Sticky blood mou light, cold diffuse, but also mixed with a trace of evil spirit.”You may not like to hear this, but every word I say is true.””I even feel ridiculous and pathetic, those who survived the wind sword Wolf, now do not know where natural and unashamied happy, you are so negative sink, completely give up the desire for life, plan to finish?””In other words, the deaths of your people are of no value!”The ape leader’s breath was suddenly heavy, as if the light had come back, and a frightening momentum spread from its broken body.It stared at the white without injury, eyes can not stop the evil spirit, shoulder slightly shrug, seems to be to make the movement of the swing arm.”Alas!”Bai Wushang pressed its arm, “You are hurt like this, don’t move, still think oneself is prime?Now you, even this stupid red horse can stomp you to death!”Say, white have no injury toward a side lie lie rest red horse nuzzle mouth.The latter seemed to hear the noise, and turned his head, his wide-eyed, half-open horse’s mouth, and contorted gills still wearing the same frightened expression.”…Suit!”At that time, White wuhurt could not resist, pointing at it, drinking and cursing: “What is there to be afraid of?Big evening of you this expression is very scary know!”8. Sign-in starts with the catch.Author: Sheng Dou smokers.Introduce: Pass through unreal world, Su Hao obtains sign to system.Daily check-in and complete tasks, not only can get rewards, but also draw characters.Wuxia characters: Shangguan Jinhong, Xiaoyao Hou, Ximen Blowing Snow, Li Chenzhou Gaowu characters: Pang Ban, Song Kun, Nie Feng, BuJingyun, Nameless.Pili figures: one page book, abandoned the Emperor of Heaven, nine heaven xuanzun.In qin dynasty, mingyue figures: shao Si’s destiny, East Emperor Tai a fantasy figure: the four most powerful souls in the war, the Qing Emperor, the figures in the sky, for his use, sweeping the sky and stars, arrogant.Highlight review: “Are we okay?””The shadow asked softly.”Our men are all right. I’ve ordered them to stay hidden and not investigate anything for a while, lest they be purged by the Sue family.””Young lady, the su family did this would rather wrong kill, can not let go of the decision, don’t care about the blood of the underworld and other family, young lady, perhaps Su SAN little can help us revenge!””Said the madam, looking at the moonlight.”This matter, need not say again!”Moon shadow hears madam’s words, voice is very cold say.Subconsciously, she didn’t want to use Su Ho for anything.”Then we can only pressure Sima Mingyue to cooperate with us.”Said the madam in a heavy voice.Sima moon before, but ready to and blood Styx teach blue moon together, to deal with Su Hao, they master this thing, can coerce Sima Moon.”That’s enough for now. Is my medicine ready?”Moon shadow did not answer the words of the procuress, but ask to the matter of medicinal materials.”The medicinal materials have been prepared, and Qi Lao is preparing to make secret drugs. However, Qi Lao means, miss, it is better not to break through in Fucheng, in order to avoid being detected.”So this recommendation ends here, finally, “the day does not give birth to my little brother, forever looking for books as long as night”.And don’t forget triple Company. Like, share, follow.thank you(Small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view)